Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Shower for Baby Lucy!

This weekend, my sweet friend, Joni, hosted a baby shower for my husband and I! It was so much fun! Here are some pics of our special day :)

Some of the yummy treats! We had cake pops (strawberry, chocolate, and butter pecan), pumpkin bars (a family recipe), little smokies, and a s'mores bar! We also had apple cider punch and homemade hot cocoa! 
(And because everyone always asks, the crockpot is from Target! ;))

The gift table. Lucy got so many goodies and special gifts!

There were lollipop favors, a sweet journal that guest filled with encouraging words for the new parents and a Guess How Many Candy Corns game!

Some of my close family friends! So glad they were here to share this time with me!

My bestie, Joni! She did a great job!

My great aunt, Delores (soon to be a great-great!) She is one of the very best there is :)

The in-laws! Thanks for letting us use your backyard! ;)

We played a game called "Tinkle in the Pot"! It was hilarious! Everyone put a balloon under their shirts and a small ball between their knees. Then they had to waddle over to a jar and drop the ball into it to win!

My little brother, Carson, thought the balloons were pretty funny.

 And they're off!

Carson won! 

Then they just had belly races.

This game was "Spit the Binky". Everyone got a pacifier and spit it out as far as possible! The furthest one was the winner! Hannah's friend, Madison (in the middle) won!

Everyone blowing up balloons for a game of "Guess the Belly Size"!

In this game, everyone blew up a balloon to be as big as they thought my belly was! The one closest in size was deemed the winner!

These girls did great with the games!

Trying her balloon on for size ;)

It was a close game!

We also had a game of Guess How Many Candy Corns Fill the Jar! There were exactly 300 total, so with a guess of 311 my mother was the winner!

Candy Corn Queen!

Last, but not least, we had a game of Bottle Chug! Everyone chugged a baby bottle of apple juice as fast as they could! It was so funny to watch!! The boys had the most fun with this one ;)

So thankful for these great friends!

And my amazing family, too!

Thanks to everyone for making this such a special day! We are so blessed to have such awesome friends and family!

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Scarf: Francesca's Collections, similar
Watch: Francesca's Collections, exact
Sunglasses: Forever21, similar

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