Friday, October 10, 2014

Hurry Up, Lucy!

Hey everybody! So waiting for this baby is making me sooo impatient! I can't wait to meet her! With the wait for the holiday season on top of that, I am getting veryyy antsy! I'm hoping that once Halloween is over, the rest of this time is just going to fly by...We're going to Kentucky for Thanksgiving, we're moving to a new house, and then Christmas will be right around the corner....then comes baby! I'm too excited for words! So in anticipation of Miss Lucy Jane's arrival, I'm sharing a few lists of things I need and want for her and me :) First up, some treats for me!

These are a few sweets and treats that I'd like to have with me before, during, and after the delivery. I mean, I'm going to give birth to another human being! I think I deserve a few little luxuries, right? ;)

The socks will be great before and during delivery. They have the no skid little dots underneath for support while walking those slippery hospital halls during labor ;) 

These PJ's just look so comfy. I thought satin might be nice so as not to overheat, plus they are nice enough to wear in front of visitors and the button down front makes nursing a breeze! 

They say you have to drink a LOT of water when nursing, so why not stay refreshed and cute, right?

I love to take a bath to wind down and relax, and what sounds better than that after bringing home a newborn baby? LUSH makes the very best bath bombs and melts. These two were calming vanilla-y scents that sounded so comforting. The body wash and loofah will be nice for showering post-delivery, as well.

Of course, I need to treat myself to my favorite fall candle from Bath and Body Works ;)

A few of my favorite magazines and sweets to get me through labor and the waiting around to go home, afterwards.

Victoria's Secret PJ's//Fair Isle Slipper Socks//Straw Tumbler//Pumpkin Caramel Latte Candle//M&M's//Sour Patch Kids//Lush Bath Melt//Lush Bath Bomb//Better Homes and Gardens Magazine//Glamour Magazine//Body Wash//Loofah

These are all things I want for Lucy, but technically, don't need. But look at that pom pom hat. I mean...

I know a lot of people who really love their Carseat Canopy. It's lined with a soft minky fabric, but it's not too thick or thin. Great for keeping germ-y hands off baby, especially since Lucy will  be here in January! (Maybe I can convince my husband that some of these are, in fact, needs)

I know the nursing cover is really more for me, than Lucy, but it fell into the "not 100% necessary" category. I know I can use my Aiden + Anais swaddles to cover up when necessary, but I would really love to get a cute nursing cover for when we're out and about or when we have visitors over.

Clothes are a necessity, but she already has a full closet. Still, I'm hoping to get her this adorable fair isle outfit from OshKosh B'Gosh, because she's an after Christmas baby and I'm missing out on all my favorite holiday's adorable outfits. This one will work simply for winter, so I think I can get away with it ;)

The hats are totally unnecessary too, but look at those pom poms! I really want the bow hat to bring with me to the hospital for photos as well. She'll be best dressed in the nursery ;)

Obviously, she doesn't need toys right away, but it'll come up sooner than we know it. So I might as well stock up...

These are pretty much the only things I have left to buy for Lucy! I know, I know, I still have time. But I would be so anxious if I waited til the last minute to buy anything! Not to mention, with the holidays coming up, and us moving house, I'm glad I'm pretty much finished with the big stuff. I can always continue to shop for things like clothes and toys later :)

Obviously, I'm gonna need maxi pads. Like, maxi pads. No explanation needed.

Triple Paste is my favorite diaper rash cream. It's kind of pricey, but it lasts a long time, and really works the best IMHO. Growing up helping take care of 4 younger siblings, you learn a few things. We used this stuff forever and I'm not about to stop.

Lansinoh brand milk storage bags seem to be highly recommended, so I'll try em out!

The breast pump is a biggie. I want to pump and breast feed. Who says Preston can't get up a give the baby a bottle at night sometimes, too? I'm going with a Medela.

Diapers and wipes. Duh.

Nursing tanks are important, too. I can layer them under sweaters or wear them around the house and nursing will be much easier. I've heard good things about these Target tanks.

A Baby Memory Book of course! Gotta jot down those milestones! I'm a big photo taker/list maker so I will definitely need one of these to record big moments!

Maxi Pads//Triple Paste//Milk Storage Bags//Breast Pump//Nursing Tanks//Diapers//Wipes//Memory Book

So that's it! What do you recommend for first time mamas? Do you get as anxious as I do about getting prepared?

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