Sunday, December 28, 2014

Revlon 24 Hour Colorstay Liquid Foundation

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing my current liquid foundation: Revlon 24 Hour Colorstay in 180 Sand Beige. Mine is the Normal/Dry Skin formula; they make one for Combination/Oily skin as well.

I actually switched to this foundation after using the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. I really loved that kind! But the packaging ruined it for me. It was hard to use my flat top brush with it, and after only a couple of days, the lid started to crumble! My sister's did the same thing! The lid wouldn't screw back on anymore and therefore I couldn't travel with it, which is a must for me since I go to Kentucky several times a year on top of any regular vacation. So when I finally used up my whipped, I decided to try the regular liquid foundation from the same line.

I've been using this for probably a month now, and I really like it! The shade I use looks a little yellow-y on my hand, but I promise, it's not! It goes on soft and satiny, and is actually pretty sheer, but easy to layer. I like that I'll be able to put on minimal amounts in the summer but still have decent coverage. Since it's Winter now, I've been layering for fuller coverage and it's super lightweight! I don't feel it on my skin at all, and it continues to look flawless throughout the day :)

Before & After

See, not yellow! :) I don't feel like I have terrible skin to begin with, but my eyes have darkish circles and my cheeks tend to be red and splotchy. I do have a slightly uneven skin tone, but nothing crazy, though that could be the pregnancy hormones these days. I'm really liking this foundation so far, and I'll most likely be repurchasing it when I run out!

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