Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hey everybody! So, this post may be a little TMI for some people. I just had a baby, so my sense of shame has faded a little, having had about 5 different doctors looking at my hoo-ha. Anyways, if you're uncomfortable talking about feminine hygiene products, feel free to check out a different post  below :)

So, I am nearly 4 months postpartum and have already been visited by my old "friend" this month. I thought I could escape a little longer, but alas, she is here to stay. I noticed that it started around 2 months postpartum with some spotting, when my little one started sleeping through the night; so I turned to Carefree liners to save my poor undies from destruction. I've been using Carefree since, like, 6th grade. Seriously. They're wonderful. So when Influenster sent me a package to review, I was like, "Pshh. No need to try these out!". But they've actually changed a lot since I last used them! They're super thin, which is much more comfortable to wear. And because they're so thin, you can tuck them away discreetly in your pocket to head to the ladies' room. Or you can shamelessly stockpile them in your diaper bag like I do and not run out of room! Another thing I noticed is that they have cut out that extra layer of packaging; you know, that thin strip of paper covering the sticky part? Now the outer packaging doubles as the sticky cover thing (don't you love my terminology?)! I like this, because it creates less waste and is therefore more environmentally friendly!

So if any of you mommas or ladies are looking for comfortable undie protection that doesn't resemble those awful 5 inch thick postpartum pads the hospital gave you, these are my faves. They're thin, affordable, and comfy to wear. All deal makers in my book!

You can purchase these at any drugstore. Learn more about them and other Carefree products here.

*I  received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.*

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