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Lucy's Summer Wardrobe

I am just so ready for summer. I can't wait to take Lucy to the Zoo, the beach, and just let her experience all of the fun of summertime. This is what her closet is looking like so far. Now, I'm not saying I'm done shopping (am I ever?), but I think the only thing I really need more of would be a couple more pajamas.

Top Left // Carter's, exact | Top Right // Carter's, exact | Bottom Left // Gymboree, NLA* | Bottom Right // Crazy 8, NLA

The owl sleeper was the very first baby item I bought when I found out I was pregnant! A great gender neutral ;) I really like the floral ones as well.
Yellow // Carter's, exact | Striped // Carter's, exact
I love these two. They're super soft and the striped one is super lightweight; perfect for the Missouri heat.

White // Carter's, exact | Chambray // Carter's, exact
I have a thing for anchors and nautical stuff. Can you tell? ;)

Carter's, exact, similar
I love this dress! I just picture it with a little red headwrap tied in a bow, pinup style :)

Izod, exact
This dress was gifted to us at our baby shower. It's super cute!

Crazy 8, discontinued
An adorable hand-me-down from my little sister, Amelia.

Crazy 8, discontinued

Another super cute hand-me-down! Lucy was lucky enough to get lots of leftovers from my sisters :)

Target, NLA
Another baby shower gift finally getting some use!

Carter's, NLA
We found this on clearance one day and, with coupons, got it for under $6!

Carter's, exact
Another clearance find! I think we snagged this set for around $7-8!

Carter's, exact
I love this outfit! The dalmatians are so cute and Lucy looks adorable in yellow.

Carter's, exact
Another favorite! I'm so happy I grabbed this one. This top reminds me so much of this J. Crew one!

Carter's, NLA
Lexington has a neat little store called Bargain Hunt where you can buy items from places like Carter's, Target and more for a fraction of the original cost simply because they didn't sell on clearance! We took this cute tank home for $3! It will look super cute with white or denim shorts.

Warermelon // Crazy 8, discontinued | Blue Ikat // Carter's, NLA | Red // Crazy 8, discontinued
Think she has enough swimsuits? Haha. The watermelon one is another hand-me-down. We found the blue one at a resale shop in Lexington called Kid 2 Kid for $3! And the red one I bought while I was pregnant and working at Crazy 8 for around $6! I love a good deal, especially on baby clothes. They just grow too quick!

Charleigh & Harper, custom
Sorry I couldn't get a clear photo :( This little romper is so cute! I actually won it through an Instagram giveaway from Charleigh & Harper. They do custom rompers and dresses and I can't wait to get Lucy a few more!

*: NLA = No Longer Available 

Still on my wishlist:

one // two // three // four


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