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Maxi Roundup

Summer is almost here! And one of my favorite things to wear in the summer is a maxi dress. I love that they provide a little more coverage than a knee-length (which is definitely necessary if you're chasing around busy kiddos), but aren't too warm for our humid Missouri heat. 

I actually used to shy away from maxi dresses due to my petite, barely 5'3" frame. I had enough trouble with jeans being too long, why would a floor length dress be any different? And then I bought one and changed my life. I definitely have to watch the cut/shape of them to keep them from being too long, but it can be done! And they actually make me look taller than I am, which I really love ;) I now have 3 dresses and a skirt, and I'm certainly not done growing my collection! 

Here are a few of my current favorite maxi dresses for this summer:

one // two // three // four

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