Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Trip to Kentucky

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been absent all week...we've been settling back into our routine at home and Lucy had a bit of a cold. :(

We got back earlier this week from another trip to visit my family in Kentucky. When I say Lexington, KY is my home away from home, I mean it pretty literally. My family doesn't see Lucy enough so we try to visit multiple times a year. They visit us as much as possible, too, but with 3 kids in school and one toddler it's hard to schedule trips around classes, sports, and dance.

This most recent visit was shopping central! We usually go shopping at the mall but this time we also went to several resale shops, a church garage sale, and a huge consignment sale where I hit the motherload of clothes for Lucy! She is completely set for fall and winter, assuming she doesn't grow too quickly. That doesn't mean I'm done shopping for her though ;)

Here's a quick recap of our week as well as a rundown of all the deals I found! And pardon all my grainy iPhone photos...being on the run constantly with a baby in tow means not having the time to whip out the actual camera. #momlife

There were lots and lots of smiles all week!

Always grabbin' those toes!

Seriously, always. Haha.

Lucy had a rough couple nights towards the end of our week after catching a little cold. She ended up sleeping with me and just crashed at around 7am.

We always pass the castle on our way home! Follow me on Snapchat @heyryahk

Now for all the shopping scores:

First up, we stopped by one of my favorite places to find deals: Bargain Hunt. I don't have one in my area, but Lexington has one and I almost always hit it up. It's sort of like a TJ Maxx; name brand and store brand items at a discounted price. If you watch the date on their tags you can find brand new merchandise from stores like Target and Carter's. This round I came away with this adorable throw from Target (still available at regular price) and a super cute toy for Lucy! It'll go perfectly with the vintage Fisher Price toys we picked up a while back at a Springfield vintage shop.

We also went to my favorite children's' resale store, Kid to Kid. I always find way too much there! Here's my haul:

Obsessed with this Baby Gap sweater...look at those elbow patches! The jeggings are Old Navy.

Another to die for outfit...This Janie & Jack set is so flipping precious. I'm going to grab a solid pink tee from Target to toss underneath the vest and we should be good to go!

When will Baby Gap stop with the adorable baby dresses? I hope never. This teal polka dot sweater dress is so sweet.

I absolutely love orange in the fall. This Baby Gap dress will be perfect for our upcoming fall festivals and the rest of the season! I'm pairing them with these hand-me-down tights from Gymboree.

I think Lucy will have plenty of dresses now...this Matilda Jane one was too cute to pass up. And at a great price ($13), too! I love that it's stretchy so I can scrunch the sleeves to fit her now, it will still fit her through the winter and then next year it might double as a top!

The consignment sale we went to was one of two annual events at a local church. It's always super packed and the lines are ridiculously long but it's totally worth it for deals like these:

Is this Mini Boden set not just absolute perfection?! I nearly died when I saw it on the rack at a fraction of the original cost! And it looks like new! The tights will work well with other outfits Lucy has and I love that I can mix and match the tops as well. It's like 6 outfits in 1!

This cute mint polka dot outfit was a cheapie find that I thought would be great for playtime. It's a brand called First Impressions that I've never heard of before. It was a bit faded and had several pen marks on the front but for $2 I thought I'd try to wash them out...they all came out on the first wash and look like new! Thank God for Resolve!

These were great cheapie sleepers! Sometimes we just spend all day in our PJs so I like to have several of these on hand. The Christmas pair is Carter's and the striped one is from Baby Gap.

I absolutely love this Janie & Jack dalmatian outfit. They're the perfect size for Lucy right now, so great for the start of fall!

Have I said obsession enough in this post? I just can't help it. This Baby Gap polka dot pleated dress is going to be absolutely precious once Lucy grows into it!

This Baby Gap floral top will look soo stinkin cute with skinny jeans and booties this fall!

I'm not usually a fan of these boutique-y ruffle outfits; they just look like pajamas and clown costumes to me. But this one I actually liked and it's Christmas themed so I couldn't say no. It's from Mud Pie which, if you know your boutique brands, you'll know it can be pretty pricey. I snagged this set for $5 and it's in great condition, just slightly faded from wash.

Another holiday set to cross of the wishlist! I love to dress Lucy in themed sets for holidays so I'm glad to have Halloween down. The top is from Old Navy and the bottoms are Jumping Bean from Kohl's.

Finally, we headed to my parents' church to help set up their parish yard sale. We got to take first dibs for volunteering so I found a few neat things to take home including:

An adorable Bunco set with pink dice for our girl's nights for only $1! We do Bunco during the fall and winter and regular girl's night out's during the summer. Bunco is starting up again now so this will be fun for us to enjoy!

I love The Great Gatsby and I didn't have a physical copy of the book, so for 25 cents I thought, why not?

I also snagged this cute little board book for Lucy for 25 cents! It's nothing special, but what kid doesn't love a book with their name in it? She'll love it in a few years :)

How about the entire Star Wars trilogy for $1.50?! Right? And the discs were all completely smudge and scratch free! The hubs was excited to finally own these :)

And finally, the grand finale (and probably my favorite deal of the whole week):

Baby Bjorn Active Baby Carrier // Retails $100, I paid $5!

Seriously, five dollars! That's 95% off! I absolutely love it, too. It is totally worth the full price, but boy am I glad to have snagged it so cheap!!!

What are some amazing deals you've scored? Are you a bargain hunter like me? I love digging for a good deal!

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