Spring Fever - Like Honey

Spring Fever

Anyone else suffering from winter blues? I'm itching to jump into Spring! Can you tell I'm loving brights this year? Seriously, those yellow pumps...if only! I may also have to sprint to Hobby Lobby for that pineapple pillow. Swoon.

This Spring/Summer is going to be so exciting! New baby, house hunting, visiting family, my brother's wedding, family vacation....not to mention Lucy will finally be old enough to enjoy some more playdates and events like the St Louis Zoo, Farmer's/Flea Markets, and the pool! I can't wait to spend weekends outside together as a family, and hopefully host a few BBQs in a backyard of our own!

2016 looks exceptionally bright, so maybe my favorites are reflecting that. Either way, these picks are too cute to pass up and I may or may not be snagging a few pieces (or finding dupes!) for my own wardrobe ;)

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