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Let's Talk: Guys

What better topic on Man Crush Monday, than the wonderful men in our lives? I am so excited to be able to brag about my handsome hubby to y'all today!

Wow, we look like babies! This was a few months after we started dating. He has always been a trooper ;)

Preston and I met in 2012 at a concert in Columbia, MO on my 18th birthday! Talk about a great birthday present! My best friend and I were there to see a favorite band of ours and the band that my husband was managing at the time was opening for them. I knew some of the guys in his band but had never met him until that night. Needless to say, we hit it off immediately and we didn't stop talking to each other until 5am the next day! Actually, not a single day has passed since that day that we haven't spoken to each other!

We dated for 9 months before he popped the question. Any other Doctor Who fans out there? I'm a bit of a closet nerd, and this sweet guy built and painted a makeshift TARDIS and dressed as one of the characters in the show, even using one of that character's lines to propose to me! It was a total surprise and I don't think I could have said "yes" quickly enough!

Wedding photos by our good friend Colby Moore
August 11, 2013 we were married! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with close friends and family. I love that we kept it more intimate and were able to keep the focus on God and our union as a married couple.

I am so very blessed to have this amazing man in my life. He is a very talented musician and also one of the smartest people I know. Seriously, he knows a little bit about everything! He is my very own handyman, always fixing things around the house and helping me with projects that I know he really hates but helps anyway because he loves me. He's funny, handsome, silly and serious when necessary. He's lifted me through some of my most trying moments and tolerated me during some of my most irrational.

I am so thankful to have a husband who is also such a dedicated and wonderful supporter and provider. He has worked multiple jobs, jobs he hated and jobs he just suffered through to provide for his family and to allow me to stay home with Lucy and soon Parker. He is one of the hardest working men I know and I don't know if he knows how grateful I am to him for everything that he does.

Preston is such a great daddy. He is kind and gentle, silly and playful and most important of all, he is an amazing example of a Christian man and Godly father. I am so proud to have this example for both of my children. He will be a role model to Lucy when she is old enough to date and marry and to Parker as he, too, becomes a man and husband.

This is the man who stole my heart and lead me to give it to Jesus. And I love him every day for it.

Some other very important men in my life:

I just love this picture of Lucy snoozing with her Pops after a busy Christmas morning!
My dad, who works tirelessly for his family and always has. He is also one of the most patient men I know, and I'm realizing over time how many of these amazing qualities he has that I also found in Preston.

My grandpa, "Poppy". He passed away before he got the chance to really know Preston or meet my children, but I have so many amazing memories with this man, and so many lessons in marriage learned just by witnessing him and my grandma together for so many years.

And of course, Parker James! The little guy who has already stolen my heart and isn't even here yet. I know he will be the family heartthrob for quite a while ;)

I am so so blessed by all of these amazing men that surround and support me. I am lost for words with how full they make my heart. But there is One who makes it fuller still, and fulfills every need, comforts every heartache, loves unconditionally despite every transgression. "Girls are always looking for a guy who will die for them. A man DID die for you! 2,000 years ago on the cross." Jesus' love for us is so overwhelmingly deep, we can't even begin to comprehend it. Yet I find so much comfort in that, and in knowing that there will be times when Preston will fail to comfort me or love me as much as I need him to, and it will still be enough.

So let's hear it ladies...who are the most important men in your lives? Share your Man Crush Mondays!

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