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Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Sometimes your closet just needs a total refresh. Sometimes you get "writer's block" and just can't come up with a new outfit idea. And sometimes you want to create a springy, trendy wardrobe but simply don't have it in your budget to start from scratch.

Fear not! I have a Spring Capsule Wardrobe with over a week's worth of outfit ideas that use almost entirely wardrobe basics that you likely have on hand!

What You'll Need:

You can make so many different looks with just this handful of basics! Most of these items are wardrobe staples, so you probably already have most of them! I absolutely love coming up with new outfits from pieces that are just hanging in my closet! It's easy, instant-gratification and I save money! 

Here are just 8 of the (many) styling ideas I came up with for this mini-wardrobe makeover:

Look 1 // Black Maxi + Chambray + Tan & Gold Details
This is one of my go-to everyday outfits! I love that I can be cute and comfortable, even in the third trimester while wearing a maxi dress! Bonus: you don't really have to shave your legs ;) Don't have a maxi dress? Just toss a white tee under your chambray and opt for a maxi skirt or jeans instead!

Look 2 // Striped T-Shirt Dress + Chambray + Tan & Gold Details
Another super cute closet staple! I actually have yet to get my hands on one of these tee dresses, but I've got a few sitting in my online carts just waiting for me to pull the trigger. I love the casual look of a chambray tied around the waist with these dresses. It really adds definition to the waist, which is a must if you've opted for a shapeless version. The tan and gold accessories pair well with this combo (and everything else under the sun!).

Look 3 // Striped T-Shirt Dress + Statement Scarf + Nude Flats
I'm a little obsessed with pairing abstract patterns with stripes. I'm also really loving the colors in this scarf for this season. There's always been something I love about shades of blue and yellow together. Paired with black and white stripes and I'm sold. Make it watercolor patterned and I'm over the moon!

Look 4 // Black Maxi + Gray Tee + Tan & Gold Details
This is one my all-time favorite ways to bring my summer maxis out before the weather really calls for spaghetti straps and bare shoulders. Simply throw a simple tee on over top and knot it in front or to the side with a clear elastic--boom! It's great for pre-season dressing or just to give yourself a little more modesty with a strappy dress.

Look 5 // Chambray + White Skinnies + Pearls + Nude Flats
Talk about wardrobe staple central! These are all super easy to find items if they're not already in your closet, and you'll get so much use out of them you won't know how you lived without them before! I love how crisp and classy this outfit is!

Look 6 // Gray Tee + White Skinnies + Statement Scarf + Nude Flats
More wardrobe essentials! I love how the patterns in the scarf really steal the show against the neutral pieces. It really brings out the colors and I love statements pieces that don't require a lot of work ;)

Look 7 // Gray Tee + Skinny Jeans + Sandals + Pearls
Another style I find myself reaching for super often. It's so so easy to just toss on jeans and tee, and the statement necklace really gives it that extra oomph it needs to bring it from blah to beautiful!

Look 8 // White Tee + Skinny Jeans + Sandals + Statement Scarf
Have you seen enough of this scarf yet? It's so versatile! This look is pretty much a repeat of the previous one, but even better for mama's like me who have little ones who looove to tug on mommy's pretty jewels ;) It's also just a little more casual than it's white jean/gray tee counterpart above and uses items that are even more common! Who doesn't own jeans and a white tee?!

So what did you think of my mini-capsule wardrobe? I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you missing any of these essential pieces in your closet?

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