Sunday, April 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I have a huge obsession with all things vintage. I have always loved browsing flea markets and antique shops whenever possible and learning as much of each item's history as I can. There is something so cool about holding a piece of history right in your hand.

Since vintage items are such a passion of mine, I thought I would start a new series called Throwback Thursday where I'll share some of my favorite vintage finds from around the web.


This old Victorian house is just an absolute dream! Anyone else a Fixer Upper fan? I would love to see Chip & Joanna put their finishing touches on a gorgeous home like this.

Y'all know what a Boston Terrier obsessed house we are...I have got to find this adorable vintage BT pull toy for Lucy and Parker! It's so sweet!

The kitchen is one of my favorite places for vintage and antique finds. It's the housewife in me ;) These cute canisters would really brighten up my counter top--they remind me of The Pioneer Woman line at Walmart!

Vintage ads are another favorite of mine. I love watching old commercials and finding old print ads. There are some odd ones out there, though, and this was one of them. Who knew they ever made bacon for the toaster?!

How beautiful is this antique claw foot tub? What I wouldn't give to take a soak in that beauty.

Happy Sunday, y'all!

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