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Everything You Need For An At-Home Mani-Pedi in 10 Minutes or Less

Whether your budget is thin or you're just short on time, sometimes a manicure calls for a DIY. Here, I'll tell you all the necessary tools (and some of my favorite polish picks) you'll need for a professional-at-home mani or pedi in 10 minutes or less!


The first step to a perfect pedicure is soft skin. I struggle with cracked and dry skin at my heels and balls of my feet year round and one of the most effective ways I've found to battle it is to use a pumice stone in the shower then lather up with a good foot cream or extra moisturizing lotion. For best results, slather the cream on super thick, to the point you can't rub it all in, and put on socks overnight. In the morning, your heels will be SO soft!


Your health and diet have a huge role in the integrity of your skin and nails, but there are lots of things you can do to help boost your nail strength, from using the right tools to choosing polishes and removers that have added benefits like strengthening or hardening properties.


Obviously, very few of us actually have time to sit and soak our toes in a luxurious tub, as much as we might like to. My number one tip for making an at-home pedicure happen in no time is to do it right after a bath or shower. Your skin and nails will be softened and ready for trimming and skincare. Another tip for speeding up the process is to opt for quick-drying polishes. They really do work!

If you're like me, being a mama usually takes up most of your day, so pampering time gets cut pretty short...or just loses out to sleep! By setting aside just 10 minutes after your shower, you can give yourself a professional-at-home pedicure (or manicure) that will last at least a week or two and make you feel just a little more polished and put together (pun intended) with minimal effort. Oh, and save you plenty of $$$ in the long run!

Have you attempted an at-home mani or pedi? How do you make that time for yourself and what is  your favorite way to self-care at home? I'd love to know!

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

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This year, Mother's Day is probably looking a little different than usual. I know a lot of you are probably used to taking mom out to lunch or meeting up in person, but living 6 hours away from my own mother has prepared me a little for such distant circumstances. One thing I wasn't prepared for was the super long ship times happening right now! I think we've all become a little spoiled by those 2-Day Shipping programs, but don't worry! I've rounded up a bunch of Mother's Day gifts in all price ranges that are perfect for every mom (or nana) on your list but also have fairly quick ship times!


A cozy pair of PJs and a cute mug are perfect for these days stuck at home! Give mom the gift of relaxation with a bath tub caddy and her favorite body wash (or a bottle of wine!), or support her hobbies with pretty gardening tools and accessories. Maybe you'll even get to reap some of the harvest later on!


One of my favorite recent kitchen buys has been my KitchenAid food processor! I use it for so many different dishes and it's an affordable way to give any kitchen a professional touch. KitchenAid also makes lots of beautiful mixing bowls you can add to upgrade a basic stand mixer. If you're not sure what kind of gadgets are on her list, a new cookbook is always a welcome addition, too!


What glamorous granny wouldn't love a little bling on her wrist with a new Kendra Scott bracelet or a gorgeous statement ring from AU-Rate? I have their Deco Fan Gold Ring and love how its both vintage and modern and makes a statement without being over-the-top. If she's more into boosting her beauty regimen, a satin pillowcase will have her looking her best every morning while also getting a good night's sleep (something all moms want)! Looking for something more personalized? Opt for a beautiful framed photo of all her kids or grandkids to adorn her walls.

As always, these gift ideas vary in price so they can fit all budgets (especially important right now while so many of us are struggling), but be sure to order asap to ensure it ships on time with all of the delays! Also, don't forget to thank your delivery drivers! They are working so hard to keep up with the demand right now. You can shop all of these gift ideas and more (I'm adding more to the list every day!) over on my LikeToKnow.It profile.

Do you know what you're giving the moms in your life this Mother's Day? If you're a mom, tell me what's on your own wishlist in the comments!

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