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3 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Gift Wrapping Game

Have you started wrapping those Christmas presents, yet? Have you even gone shopping? If you're like me and find yourself procrastinating year after year, you'll know that by the time you actually have the presents, there's little to no time left to wrap them! You'll end up slapping whatever roll of holiday paper you had lying around from last year on them and accept defeat.

Well NOT this year! I may still be waiting until the last minute to purchase the presents, but this year, I'm making these gifts look professionally wrapped, with absolutely no effort! Here are 3 ways to elevate your gift wrapping game and look like the next Martha Stewart in no time:


Starting out with a sturdy, beautiful paper will immediately make your gift look polished and fancy! Quality wrapping paper doesn't have to be expensive: I purchased both of these rolls from TJ Maxx for just about $3 each. They are a thick paper with a light texture/gold foil printing which feels super luxe, plus the inside has a grid pattern for easy measuring--another important factor to professional looking presents! Be sure to take your time cutting, measuring, and securing the paper so that you have no tears or lumps.


For the smaller gift, I simply wrapped a large strand of ribbon around the box, keeping the crossing point off center, and tied it down. Once the box was tied with ribbon, I took a small scrap piece of ribbon, strung 3 jingle bells onto it, and tied the small piece onto the crossing point of the original ribbon. Cut the ends of the small piece off completely or taper the ends like I did here to finish the look. I love the way this looks off center, but you could easily recreate it with a centered ribbon. Try a few pinecones or a floral pic instead of bells for a less whimsical look.

For the larger gift, I swapped the gold foil paper for a beautiful festive plaid. If you're looking for simple, this is where it's at: simply tape down a nice gift bow (this one is a stiff, sturdy ribbon with lots of glitter), tape a floral pick underneath it, and add a small tag if necessary. Talk about easy! Once again, quality toppers can really take a present's wrapping from cheap to luxe without breaking the bank. This gold bow was $2 at Hobby Lobby and the greenery pick was only 98 cents at Walmart!


While I suppose this one would be easy enough to DIY, sometimes you just gotta settle for store-bought! This glitzy gift card holder was a Target dollar spot find a couple of years ago, and I'm so glad I held onto it! It came in so handy when I needed a quick wrap for a gift card. To finish it off and keep the top of the holder closed, I tied ribbon the same way as mentioned above, only on a much smaller scale. I opted for a simple bow in the center this time to give it a neat, clean finish.

So to wrap things up (get it?), investing in a quality wrapping paper, grabbing a few toppers + ribbon, and finding a few store-bought aids can completely elevate your gift wrapping game with little to no effort or added cost! I just love wrapping presents (it was a job requirement for a few of my past jobs and I loved it!) and creating a beautiful presentation whenever I can, so I hope this little guide is helpful to you!

Now, are you ready to get your wrap on? Or do you still have a list to cross off? Check out this year's gift guides for new ideas that won't break the bank!

Festive Plaid Shirt Dress From Day to Night

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Few things get me into the holiday spirit more than a festive plaid! When I saw this dressy on @sandyalamode a few weeks back, I ran to my local store to pick it up and I'm so glad I did--they had exactly one left in my size! I have yet to ever see it show up online, so if you're looking for this specific one I recommend calling your local Old Navy or stopping in to see if it's still available there.

I love finding multiple ways to wear statement pieces since they can sometimes be tricky, so today I'm styling this holiday-ready plaid dress from day to night!


This cardigan is part of Kohl's "super soft" line and it is just that! I've barely taken this off of my body since I got it and I love the kind of in between grey and cream color. I just added my every day riding boots (I need to replace them!) and a pearl necklace to keep this casual but still put together. If it's not too cold, you could even roll the sleeves up to created a deeper layered look that's even more relaxed.

My favorite little photo-bomber! I think he might be mocking me...


To dress it up, I swapped out the cardigan for a faux fur vest and traded my boots for classic red heels. I personally think a pair of pointed toe pumps can dress up just about any outfit, from shirt dresses to ripped jeans. I kept the pearls but you could easily complete this look with statement earrings or a pendant necklace instead.

Do you have a favorite pattern that just screams "festive"? If I couldn't choose plaid, I'd definitely go with fair isle!

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