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What's in My Diaper Bag? 0-3 Month Old Edition

Hey ya'll! Today I thought I'd take advantage of a decent nap time and do a What's In My Diaper Bag? Post :) Enjoy!

First, a little about the bag:

It's the Skip Hop Duo Special Edition in French Stripe. I love it because it's the perfect size -- not so big that it's like carrying around luggage, but not so small that I can't fit everything I need inside. I think it will work great as Lucy's on-the-go needs change, too. Plus, it's just adorable!

On the outside, the only thing I have is my little travel hand sanitizer. It's been a total necessity through flu season with a newborn!

Back Pocket:

This diaper bag came with the changing pad (can you believe some bags don't?!), and it is great! It's easily wiped off when dirty and not too thick so it doesn't take up too much space. I also carry this Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bag in Chevron for accident cleanup. It's inside is wipeable like the changing pad and is roomy enough for even toddler sized clothing (think, potty training). It has come in handy a few times already, and I love the mesh zipper on the outside for storing stain remover and wipes. I always keep my planner in this easily accessible pocket. I like to have it with me wherever I go just in case.

Front Left Pocket:

Basically a clean up pocket...Kleenex, Hand & Face Wipes, a spare hand sanitizer, and a Boogie Wipes sample. I got so many samples and trial sizes of things from the hospital and different baby registries, I don't know what to do with them all. I've given some away but I keep a lot in the diaper bag and it saves a ton of room! The babyganics samples are just there for lack of a better spot, haha.

Front Right Pocket:

This one is sort of my "Mommy Pocket". I also have a little pouch full of some essentials but we'll get to that later ;) In here, I keep my sunglasses, some hand cream and a pen (there are elastic pen holders in there, too). And apparently another package of Kleenex. At least I'm prepared.

Front Top Pocket:

This pocket is the zipper right next to the main compartment. It's about 6 inches deep, so I just use it to store some of Lucy's clothing necessities. I have a sleeper, a spare pair of socks and mittens, and a small hat. I also keep a nipple cream sample (though I rarely need it), some disposable nursing pads (definitely necessary!), and an extra pacifier tucked in here.

In the Main Compartment there are a couple of pouches:

Left Side Pouch:

These pouches I use for diaper changing needs. The left side holds a bunch of the diaper rash cream samples I've got piling up, a travel size lotion and baby powder, and a mini Aquaphor.

Right Side Pouch:

And then the basics...diapers and wipes! I swear by Pampers Swaddlers but I also like Pampers Sensitive. I really only use Huggies wipes. They don't make their travel boxes like this anymore (my Mom gave me this one), but they do have an adorable clutch option.

Main Compartment:

And finally, the main compartment! Since Lucy is still so small, I don't have much in here but open space! I think I'll put toys and snacks in here when the time comes. Until then, I just keep my wallet, Orla Kiely "Mommy Pouch", nursing cover, and a small receiving blanket inside.

Here's a closer look at my "Mommy Pouch":

I used to carry a ton of makeup with me, but I've found I don't really need it and it just takes up space, so in here I just take some essentials. A pen, hair tie and bobby pin (I have even more bobby pins in my wallet), a measuring tape (for shopping purposes; you'd be surprised how often it comes in handy), another hand sanitizer (can't be too safe), Baby Lips (my holy grail), blotting papers, panty liner, Wisp toothbrushes, Tic Tacs, perfume, a compact mirror, and a small medicine tin. Whew! The contents of this little pouch vary depending on the day, but for the most part, these are things I always keep with me :)

What do you guys keep in your purse/diaper bags? Am I missing anything?

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