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Hair Products I Swear By

I don't know about you, but I have a heck of a time finding products for my hair that I truly love and can commit to. So to hopefully help your hair hunt, here are some of the styling products that I'm using and loving right now.

Hairspray // I've been using the Aussie brand hairspray since high school. So, basically forever now. ;) I love the smell, it's not expensive and it doesn't leave my hair hard as a rock. One thing I will note, is that I usually get "flexible hold" because for day to day I don't need anything extreme, so I can't speak for Aussie's other "holds". I've had good luck with this kind when I've needed the extra hold by simply layering it and spraying it on fairly thick.

So, I just bought this stuff. Like, literally a few days ago. And I love it! Not only does it smell delicious, but it doesn't leave a white powder! It does it's job and more and I couldn't be happier with a dry shampoo. I've tried Batiste, Tresemme, Suave and countless other brands and kept reluctantly sticking with Suave for lack of a better product...but hellooo Dove! Seriously, this even beats everyone's beloved Batiste!

Ok, so I don't use this guy every day, but I do really like it. It's great for giving a little texture to freshly washed hair or just giving your hair a light scrunch for a beachy look as the name suggests. Did I mention it smells like delicious coconut? This stuff smells like straight up summertime! It does, however, leave your hair feeling a tad crispy and dry, but since it's not in my regular rotation, I don't really mind it.

I wish I could say I was better about frequently using this...You can't curl and straighten your every day without protecting it, or at least you shouldn't! I've had this bottle for a while now and it's been fine. I've used this kind before and it works just as well and might even be a bit cheaper. But whichever brand you go for, always protect your hair from heat, ladies! Your locks will love you for it!

So there they are! I'm always open to trying new products (as if I needed an excuse to buy more beauty products), so these may change over time. Let me know if you'd like detailed reviews on any of these or an updated post in the future :) And leave any suggestioins for other beauty related posts in the comments; I'd love to know what ya'll think!


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Fave Five Friday

TGIF ya'll! Time for another fave five! This time it's a vintage edition!

5.) Spring is the perfect weather for cropped pants, and these vintage style capris (left, right) are calling my name. I love black because they go with anything and they add to the authentic feel. Navy, red, or a cute pattern would be adorable too!

4.) I love this vintage lipstick holder! It would look so cute on a vanity tray displaying pretty lippies and perfume bottles!

3.) This vintage McCoy strawberry cookie jar is one of my favorite vintage pieces in my ever growing collection! It's adorably kitsch and looks so cute on my countertop. I found it at a thrift shop several years ago and am so thrilled to know it's authentic and it dates from 1955-1957. Am I only the one who loves to know the history behind vintage and antique pieces? I should join the American Pickers (I wish!!)!

2.) I love how carefree these girls look! I wish we could still go out rollerskating today without being deemed "lame" or "weird". I would love to go back to days of soda shops, jitterbug dancing, drive-ins and just plain, old-fashioned goodness. I think I was born in the wrong era!

images via
1.) Here in St Louis, we have the most adorable theatre called Ronnie's. It's not your run of the mill cinema, though. Inside, you can sit in your boring normal seats with popcorn and soda just like any other day, or you can hit up the indoor "drive in" and watch your film from the backseat of a vintage car! Seriously! It's so cute, and the concessions area looks like a 50's diner!

Are you vintage obsessed like I am? What are your favorites this Friday?

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Good Monday morning lovelies! Let's start the week off right with a little Pinterest inspiration!

How delicious does this Cherry Beergarita from Carolina Charm look?! I'm super excited for summer to be here --especially since I turn 21 this August! I can't wait to try some fun summer cocktail recipes, like this one.

I'm really loving all the vintage blue and white chinoiserie jars and vases I keep seeing lately. There's something so beautiful about an unconventional item being used as a vase. I particularly love the small, round ginger jars stuffed full of big fluffy blooms like peonies or hydrangeas (my favorites!).


Because everyone needs a daily dose of adorable, right?! This should cheer your Monday right up! We love our Bostie, Winston and someday might want to get another. /i've always loved the red coat on them. So stinkin' cute!

My family and I are getting a good dose of this these days. Money is tight (to put it mildly) on top of all our car troubles and it's been a big reminder that we don't have to do it all or have it all. Though I think I struggle with this a little more than my husband, we are both learning to be very thankful for what we do have and are trying not to take each other for granted. Hard times always seem to bring with a renewed strength in our faith as well, and with my baptism coming up next week, maybe that's just what we all need.

You can follow all of my Pinterest boards by clicking the image below!

What's inspiring you lately?


Fave Five Friday

Happy Friday, ya'll! This week has been incredibly stressful over here, so this weekend, I'm sharing some of my favorite relaxing/comforting things! Hopefully these will help you out next time you're stressing.


5.) What can't chocolate cure? Obviously, eat it in moderation, but indulging in a chocolatey treat now and then is a great way to keep a positive outlook on life, right? ;)

4.) One of my all time favorite ways to relax is a nice, calm pamper sesh. I don't get too many of those nowadays, but sometimes a warm bath and a calming scent filling the air is just what I need to unwind after a hectic day. LUSH cosmetics makes delicious bath bombs (& more!) with all natural ingredients, so I don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals irritating my sensitive skin. I also love a sweet smelling lotion to lather up, and a pretty pastel mani/pedi to really pamper myself.

3.) What's more comfortable than lounging in a comfy pair of sweats or PJs? I just got this floral pair the other day and they are so comfy! I also saw this pair at VS in Kentucky and fell in love! They didn't make it home with me, but I wish they had! They were so soft! And I wouldn't feel bad hitting the store in them on a lazy day either ;)

2.) Ok, if you have any type of eReader or even an app on your smart phone, you need to sign up for BookBub stat! Everyday, you'll get a new email filled with discounted - or even free! - books recommended to you based on your reading preferences. It's quick and easy and available for a multitude of eBook platforms. Who doesn't love curling up with a good book-- especially a free one?!

1.) Finally, my number one way to de-stress? A little alone time with God. It's free; you can do it anywhere at anytime. He is always listening and during times of stress or worry, I can rest easy knowing He will never leave my side. I don't believe that God can't give you more than you can handle. He often gives us a lot more than we could ever handle-- on our own. But with God, we can handle anything! Put your worries in His hands and let Him guide you in the right direction. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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Three Month Update!

Holy cow! Can you believe this little lady is already three months old?! It just doesn't seem possible!

She is such a little firecracker already! She absolutely loves talking to her Daddy and blowing raspberries. She also loves bath time, batting at her toys and watching the world around her.


Easter in Kentucky

I am finally getting around to posting our Easter photos! I've been under a ton of stress this past week -- both of our cars are broken down! They are both going to need new engines which is a lot of money we just don't have at the moment. Please pray that we can get things sorted out fairly quickly! On a happier note, here are some photos from my week in Kentucky:

Our happy, sleepy bunny (I'm obsessed with her red hair!)

Our outfits for church on Sunday morning, coordinating in pink and navy.

Happy but still half asleep "opening" her Easter basket!

Winston got in the spirit, too!

Laughing with Nana

Great Grandma and Grandpa finally got to meet Lucy! She was happy to meet them, too!

We found her a super cute new activity gym while we were visiting my mom. The girls all had a little pajama party in their pink jammies!

We were in Wildcat country at the perfect time! Such a tragic loss, but we still have the best team, hands down! Go Big Blue! (You'll notice Preston wasn't in the photo...he refuses to support UK; mostly to defy me, I think. Haha)


My goofy hubby having fun in the discount store. Me and my girl enjoying the beautiful weather!


She seriously loves her Daddy! He can always make her laugh and smile! We found this Boston Terrier outfit at H&M and couldn't leave it behind!! We practically buy anything with a "Winston" on it!

She is always so alert and happy. I love these little bunny jammies she wore for Easter morning :)

Me and my handsome hubby. He is just the best and I love him to pieces! Best friends for life.

How was your Easter holiday? I love any chance to visit my family in Kentucky!

Lucy's Outfit Details

Easter Dress // Carter's, exact

Polka Dot Bunny Sleeper // Gymboree, no longer available

"Daddy's Little Monkey" Sock Monkey Outfit // Crazy 8, hand-me-down, discontinued

Bunny Outfit // Gymboree, no longer available

Fleece Heart Sleeper // Crazy 8, discontinued

Boston Terrier Outfit // H&M, exact

My Outfit Details

Striped Dress // Francesca's Collections, (old) similar

Floral PJ Pants // Old Navy, exact

Floral Kimono // Target, exact

Navy Chevron Popover // JC Penney's. exact (super comfy!)

Preston's Outfit Details

Striped Henley // H&M, exact

Purple V Neck // H&M, exact

Easter Necktie // Michael Kors, no longer available

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