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Fave Five Friday: Mother's Day Weekend

This Mother's Day is my very first, and I must say, though it's only been 4 months, I am really loving being a mommy. Lucy brightens my life to a whole new level I never thought possible. I love watching her grow and change and learn. And when she smiles simply because she sees my face, I melt. I love being her mama and I can't imagine life without her!

5.) My mom always collected the Willow Tree figurines (she has the entire nativity set!) and I always think of her when I see them. Soon after I had Lucy I got this one and it may be the start of my own collection. I love that it embodies everything about my family right now and when I see it I am reminded how perfect my life is, even when it isn't.


4.) I cannot be the mother I need or want to be without Him. He must come first and as a busy mom myself, I find myself caught up in the whirlwind of life and parenthood, forgetting to pray and praise the God who gave me my family. Devotionals have helped me to keep God more of a daily part of my life, as He should be! I'm much less forgetful when I have a daily reminder at my bedside.


3.) Spa and pamper nights are few and far between for me as a mom. But I think this Mother's Day I will treat myself to a Lush bomb bath and a face mask. 'Cause I've earned it, right?

2.) One of my favorite restaurants ever is Olive Garden. My hubby knows it and I'm hoping he decides to take me out to dinner this weekend ;) I know it's not about the gifts, but it sure is nice to be appreciated, especially by the father of your children! It's just that extra assurance from the only other person who sees you parent your child every single day, that little affirmation that you're doing everything right. Sometimes that's all I need.

1.) This sweetheart is my number one each and every day! She lights up my life and is absolutely an answered prayer. I love her more and more each day and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her, and for me as a mother!

Thanks for joining me for Fave Five Friday! What are you loving this weekend? How will you be celebrating Mother's Day?

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