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Fave Five Friday: Under $5

Happy Friday! My MOPS group is having a "Mom's Night Out" soon, and the theme is Favorite Things. Basically, everyone brings 3 of their fave things ($5 and under) and it becomes a gift exchange.  Time for some new faves, all $5 or less!

Baby Lips // Best. Lip balm. Ever. It moisturizes amazingly, isn't sticky or tacky and smells delicious. Plus it has SPF! $3, drugstores

Downy Unstoppables // Shake a few of these into your washer and your clothes will smell delicious. So far I only like the "mist" scent, but there are tons of new additions now! They've also made an air freshener line, including fabric refresher and oil plug-ins! Seriously, it smells so good you'll want it all over your house, not just your clothes. (Sometimes I toss a few beads into my wax melter!) $5, drugstores

Dove Dry Shampoo // I've posted about this stuff before, and I will continue to praise it until everyone I know has tried it. It's awesome! It leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean but doesn't make your hair look grey and dusty. It's my favorite dry shampoo I've ever used! You can read my mini review of it and other favorite hair products here. $4, drugstores

Febreeze Air Effects // Nothing super special about this, it just smells great! $3, drugstores

Forever 21 Basic Cami // These are my favorite camis! They are great for breastfeeding because they stretch easily. I also love layering them since they're so lightweight. And they're only $1.90!

What are some of your favorite affordable things?

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