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Father's Day 2015 Gift Guide

This year is my hubby's first real Father's Day (and my dad's first year as a Grandpa)! Technically he got to celebrate last year...I was 9 weeks pregnant and we announced it to everyone that day! But this will be the first year he gets to really join in the fatherhood celebrations. I'm so excited to make it a special day for him, and if I could, I'd buy him ALL the gifts! He's the absolute best daddy and husband in the world, and I just want to shower him with gifts and love, especially on Father's Day!

Men can be super hard to buy for...does your guy always give you the "Nothing" answer when you ask what he'd like for holidays and birthday? I hate that answer! But, did you know you can actually give them "nothing"?!

Behold! The Gift of Nothing. For the man who has everything (or is just incredibly indecisive).

As tempting as it is to give one of these as a joke, I really do want to give the perfect present to the perfect daddy. So I compiled a little gift guide of things I think my husband would like. Hopefully it'll help you, too!

One // Every man deserves to own at least one nice watch. I know the Michael Kors style are super trendy right now (for men and women!) but I've always thought there was something so masculine and fancy about a leather and gold watch. These Daniel Wellington watches are a (pricey) dream!

Two // The old cliche. A #1 Dad Mug. Well, I know my husband would like one, but I knew he would like this one better ;) I got him this tattoo inspired one last year, so unfortunately it's no longer available, but etsy always has a lot of really neat, customizable options!

Three // This leather iPad portfolio case is so pretty! I think it's perfect for men because there's nothing too busy going on and leather just screams masculinity to me.

Four // My hubby loves the show Arrow. A season or two of his favorite show or a blu-ray of a movie he's been wanting are always a good way to win your guy over :)

Five // Preston's not a big reader, but he does like Lord of the Rings. We already have all the movies of course, but I think a nice looking copy of the books would be nice to have, and look great on display!

Six // Every guy gets a tie for at least one occasion per year. It's just an unwritten rule. This blue gingham one is a favorite of mine.

Seven // Lastly, a wallet. Always an easy gift that's practical, too. Since guys carry them around in their back pockets they seem to get worn out easily. I like this trifold one from Target.

. . . . . . . . 

If extravagant gifts aren't in your budget this year, here are some fun ideas for a Free Father's Day!

  1. Make an IOU Coupon booklet with "coupons" for things like back rubs, his favorite meal for dinner one night, an early "bedtime" (if you know what I mean (; ) and other things he'd like.
  2. Cook all of his favorite foods and even bake his favorite dessert to make a regular meal extra special.
  3. Write him a heartfelt note telling him just how much you love and appreciate him!
  4. If your kiddos are young, search Pinterest for a cute Daddy's Day craft and surprise him with it!
  5. Go for a long, quiet walk around the park/beach/etc. and just enjoy each other's company.
  6. If you live in an area with free museums and activities, hit them up for a day. St Louis has a ton of fun options that are always free! (A possible post on that coming up soon. Thoughts?)
  7. It's summer time! Hit the beach or local swimming pool and cool off!
  8. There are always tons of free concerts and outdoor movie nights during the summer: see if there are any going on in your area!
  9. Make a booklet with several questions (What is Daddy good at? What is Daddy's favorite food? Etc.) and have your kiddo fill in the blanks! Give it to Daddy with a homemade card.
  10. Nookie. I mean, it is Father's Day after all. ;)
What are you Father's Day plans this year? Is your husband or father a "nothing" wish lister?

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