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Fave Five Friday

 Happy last Friday in July! Holy smokes, that was quick! We've been really enjoying having the hubs home on weekends. Love a consistent schedule! We spent last weekend busy busy....Here's a recap for you!

5.) On Saturday morning we hit the local Farmer's Market. They set it up every Saturday from 8am til noon. If you're in the Lake St Louis area, it's at the Meadows Mall (and we should totally meet up!). It's full of local produce as well as fresh baked bread, popcorn, dog treats and jams, not to mention all the crafts, home decor and folk art. There's lots to see and do here, you're bound to find something you love! This time we bought Winston a cute Cardinals bandana (the proceeds went to rescue pups) and Preston bought himself some tacos from one of the food trucks.

4.) After the Farmer's Market we did a little shopping...okay, maybe a little too much. But there were soo many good deals this weekend! J.Crew had an extra 60% off clearance and Gap had an extra 50% off clearance! I'll be sharing a mini haul post this Sunday to show you all the goodies I came home with!

3.) My sweet little sister, Lila, turned 3 last week! Her birthday party was last weekend and she was so excited to show me her pretty hair ;) She is the cutest, and I love her to bits!

2.) One of my favorite stores is World Market. I love all the unique furniture and home decor pieces, but I also love their vast selection of specialty foods and wines. They have snacks and treats that are popular in Europe and Australia and lots of different beers (Preston's favorite) and sodas from all over. I recently tried the Orange Passion Fruit Mango Soda and loved it! It tastes like carbonated mango juice, which is basically perfection.

1.) On Sunday I shared a few of my favorite summer beauty products that are sure to last all day, even through this excessive heat! You can check that out here.

I've got a ton of new posts coming your way this week...subscribe by email or check out the Facebook page here to stay up to date :) Happy Weekend!

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Smudge-Proof Summer Beauty Essentials

Here in Missouri temps are at their all time high for the summer season, and I can tell you first hand it is hot hot hot! With the added humidity (especially bad this year with all the rain we've had!), this is sure to be a sticky, makeup-melting summer.

But fear not! I've compiled a list of some of my favorite, long-lasting beauty products that are sure to beat the heat:

Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen // One of my favorites, and definitely a must-have for summer. It smells great, lasts long, and really gets the job done. Plus it's gentle enough for my overly sensitive skin, which I love!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick  // True to its name, this stuff does not budge! I've been itching to get my hands on some, but I have tried it and I've got to say, it is legendary. I love this bright pink shade for summer.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner // I used to use this liner day and night. I don't know where we lost touch, but I'm sure missing it! I think I may have to grab a new bottle on my next Target run, because I love how long lasting and bright this liner is! It stays dark and shiny all day long, even through sweat and tears!

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation // Another Revlon revolution! I live for this foundation; it is the only kind I've ever used that has made my skin look absolutely flawless and yet radiant at the same time, all while staying put the whole day through! I'm currently using the regular ColorStay liquid foundation and it's just not the same. My only complaint with the whipped is the packaging...I hate jar packaging. It's not travel-friendly and it's not really very sanitary either. But I think I can forgive these flaws for a flawless complexion ;)

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow // Another wedding day beauty product of mine! This shadow comes in lots of pretty colors, including a few high end dupes, and stays put for literally 24 hours. You'll def need a good makeup remover for this bad boy.

e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set Setting Spray // I've never tried the infamous Urban Decay Chilled setting spray, but I'd be willing to be this is a decent drugstore dupe of it! It works so well that I used it on my wedding day with no regrets! And at only $3, how could you not at least try it?! Simply spritz all over your face and go!

John Freida Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray // My tried and true. On average days, I'm content with my Aussie hairspray, but for days when I really need the extra hold, I turn to my old pal John Frieda. This one is also a frizz-fighter which is perf for humidity! It's my favorite strong-hold spray but it's really too much for everyday. Use sparingly.

There you go! Now you can fearlessly dive into that pool or take those dreaded sunny outdoor family photos without fear of the smudge.


Fave Five Friday

TGIF! We had a fairly busy week, but nothing too hectic. I'll jump right in:

A little funny for your Friday ;)
5.) My handsome hubby started his new job on Monday! He is a staffing supervisor for Kelly Services, meaning he hires/fires temporary employees for a secondary company on-site. All is going well for week one! I pray he enjoys this job and finds peace in it. There's been a lot of stress revolving around finances in our household recently, and while I know I won't be crying in a mansion anytime soon, I know my hubs is certainly relieved to finally earn a decent income! I am too! God is good!

4.) We took advantage of the sunny weather on Tuesday and met up with friends at the park! We tried the splash pad, but Lucy wasn't into the cold water spraying in her face (don't blame her!) so we opted for the swings instead. She was much happier there ;)

3.) Winston has decided Lucy is his BFF now! It's adorable to watch him snuggle up to her. He always brings Lucy his toys in hopes that she'll play a little fetch or tug-o-war with him. She loves Winston, too, though and giggles whenever he runs by her. Love their little friendship ;) Also, I had some fun with Snapchat and a picture of Winston the other day. Haha.

2.) If ya'll follow me over on insta (I'm @faithandfashblog) you already heard me gush about my love for this Freeman Face Mask. I'm seriously in love with it. I've been using it for years! It is my go-to drugstore mask, and at less than $5 a bottle, it's a steal compared to some of the higher end versions. It does an amazing job, too, I can't recommend it enough! My favorites are the Charcoal & Black Sugar, Avocado & Oatmeal, and the Mint & Lemon; I also really want to try this Pineapple Enzyme one! I get mine at Ulta.

1.) Did ya'll catch this week's OOTD post? I've still got major heart-eyes for this pineapple, pom-pom tank! It's my favorite summer top this year, and it was only $10! Steal!!

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Fave Five Friday

TGIF ya'll! This week has been crazy hectic! We were supposed to get our internet installed on Monday but Centurylink had some kind of miscommunication and now can't get out to my house until the 21st. Suffice it to say I am not happy with Centurylink right now.

Anywho, let's get down to the highlights of the week!

5.) No photos sadly, but on Monday we met up with my great Aunt Delores and had a nice long dinner. It was so good to catch up with her. Side note: Say a little prayer for her; she had a small outpatient surgery on her eyes on Tuesday. She is doing well, but I'm still praying for a smooth recovery and that her sight improves for her!

Outfit details can be found {here}
4.) ICYMI: There's a new outfit post up on the blog, featuring these ah-mazing Lilly Pulitzer pom pom shorties! Check it out here!

3.) The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is live today! Hooray! I can't wait to window shop it for birthday gift ideas ;)

Shirt: Crazy 8, Headband: Crazy 8 (old), Shorts: JCPenney (old)

2.) Lucy turned 6 months old on Sunday! I can't believe its been half a year!!! It doesn't even seem possible! She is the sweetest thing and I love her to the moon and back.
1.) Our house is finally unpacked and settled! I am ecstatic to be done with it all and that I can finally relax and enjoy the new space.

How was your week? Anything exciting happening for you  this weekend? Happy Friday!


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Fave Five Friday

Hey ya'll! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! Sorry I've been away this week; we actually moved houses again! I know, I know. It's so crazy! Anyway, here are a few faves this week:

5.) Our Fourth of July was tons of fun! We took Lucy to her first ever parade, ate lots of yummy food and watched Smash Mouth's live concert just before a big fireworks show! My inner child was super excited to see the "Shrek band", haha

4.) I'm also MEGA excited to say my amazing hubby got a new job! I'm so proud of him and how hard he works for his family. Way to go, babe!

3.) So, you read that right...we moved! Not far, and thankfully we don't have tons of stuff. But it's still stressful to pack and move your entire home in the course of 2 days! I'm still unpacking....but hey, at least Monday I'll have internet again!

2.) Did ya'll see the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that's happening soon? If you're a cardholder you can shop it now (GO!). I'm not but I'll definitely be checking it out on July 17th when it goes public!

1.) I had a happy mail day this week :) I finally got my MOPS international packet for this year! I love this year's theme (A Fierce Flourishing) and I'm super stoked to be serving my group as hospitality coordinator! If you'd like to join MOPS or learn more about it, you can find that info here or contact me! I'd be happy to share my heart with you!

So that's all folks! I hope your weekend looks as bright as mine is feeling! Happy Friday!

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Hello Branson!

Happy Sunday!

It's already been over a week since we got back from vacation and I'm so missing the free time with my hubby. It was so nice to have him around 24/7 for a while!

This year, we headed to Branson, MO. Just a skip, hop & a jump from ole St Louis, but it was a relaxing, enjoyable time with family nonetheless. We celebrated my husband's grandpa's 80th birthday and 30th wedding anniversary to his wife, went attempted water skiing, and treated ourselves to lots of relaxing pool time! Here's a recap!

Silverleaf Holiday Hills Resort || Branson, MO
These condos were so pretty! We all really enjoyed our stay at the Holiday Hills Resort, but their service was a little less than friendly and there was no wi-fi! While it was great to unplug for a week, there were some family members who had to work still, so they were forced to drive to the nearest Starbucks to get things done :(

Pizza World "Big" Pizza in Branson, MO
My parents-in-law, sister-in-law and uncle-in-law (is that correct?) with my family; about to enjoy our giant pizza!
Get a load of this GIANT pizza! It was 2 whole feet in diameter! Each slice was a foot long!!! It was great pizza, too, so the novelty was just extra :)

Birthday tribute to the birthday boy...80's years old!
Thumbprint "Guestbook" keepsake!

The basis of this trip was to celebrate my husband's grandpa, Harold, who turned the big 8-0! It was a fun celebration, and we even got to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary to his wife, Vendetta! I'm by no means an artist, but I thought this thumbprint guestbook idea I found on Pinterest was too cute to pass up! It was nice to meet extended family for the first time and celebrate with everyone!

Lucy's first ever dip in the pool! This was pre-dip.
First little swim!
Lucy had her first ever dip in the pool! She wasn't too sure what to think at first, but after a few minutes she was kicking and splashing her little heart out! She definitely slept good that night ;)

Lucy loves to ride in her baby carrier, especially when she's facing out! Loved seeing her spend quality time with her Daddy on Father's Day!

At first, she really liked the grass! But, she's still a little wobbly when sitting up and she soon flopped face-first onto the grass. She was uninjured, but did NOT like the grass on her face.


The excitement faltered real fast. Haha. We tried to sit her back down but she wasn't into it. Whoops!

The cutest little ice cream parlour you ever did see!

We also hit up the World's Largest Toy Museum! It was filled to the brim with every toy imaginable, from slinkys and board games to action figures and cars. They had little sections devoted to each category too....Star Wars, Disney, Dolls, Cars, etc. It was so neat! I even saw a few toys that I remembered as a kid!

The place was full of different vintage soda machines, too! My vintage obsession just skyrocketed!

A vintage perfume dispenser. Be still, my heart! How cool is this?? I never even knew this type of thing existed until I found it in here....apparently it was sort of like the tampon dispensers in bathrooms--you deposit your dime, push the button for the perfume of your choice and it spritzed you right in the neck! So neat!

Lucy enjoyed a few "rides" on the vintage coin-operated horseys too.

On Wednesday we got out bright and early to go boating! It was chilly out at first, but it warmed up by 9am and we were ready to water ski!

You'd never this man was 80 by the way he lives! He popped up on those skis like he was 20 years old! So neat to watch him live out the legend ;)

My father-in-law was next and he started showing off! One handed and moving around outside the wake. Nothing slows these Klee men down!

Preston had a turn skiing too. None of us "youngins" were quite successful on the skis, but we brought a boogie board, too.

Preston boogie boarding

I think I got up on the skis one time, but it must've been pretty short lived because I didn't realize it and there are no photos! Haha. Here's a photo of  me on the board, though. I actually loved the board and held on longer than anyone else! Those Tone It Up workouts are paying off ;)

I love this sweet photo of my girl and her great grandpa Harold!

Blowing bubbles at Daddy

Pre-ski, I love any chance I can get to grab a photo of my sweet family! Poor Lucy was so uncomfortable in that giant life jacket! She somehow managed to get to sleep in it though!

This little fish conked out again on the boat ride back. She was super tired to begin with since we got up a few hours earlier than her usual wake up call ;)

Branson Mills Craft Village
Branson Mills Craft Village
Preston and I got really excited to find our names on these custom made puzzles! Preston and Mariah so hard to find, but can you believe we never found Lucy on anything?! I would have thought I'd find her name before my own!

A hand-shake-o-meter thingy. It wasn't working, but it was stuck on patriotic so I guess that's good enough!

A fuzzy, but adorable photo of 3 generations of Klee men (and a 4th generation little lady!). I love how they're all laughing and enjoying themselves.

Another grainy photo of my family. Love it anyway.

Lucy is a total grandma's girl! She loves Preston's mom, and she loves my mom, too!

We all enjoyed a few games of dominoes that week, too. I had never played until a couple years ago...this family loves it! Mexican train is my favorite :)

She may be a little partial to her maw maw, but she loves her paw paw too!

How adorable is this little Amish prayer cap? Stinkin' cute!

Thanks Branson, for a relaxing, enjoyable getaway! It was tons of fun, but I'm glad to be back home.

Have ya'll ever been to Branson? What was your favorite ever family vacation?

Outfit Details
Black high waist bikini // Modcloth, exact
White tank // JCPenney, exact
Pom pom shorts // Lilly Pulitzer for Target, no longer available
Pink tassel necklace // DIY, got everything at Michael's
Strapless polka dot romper // Target (old), similar

Lucy's Outfit Details
Fruit outfit // Gymboree, thrifted
Watermelon bathing suit // Crazy 8, hand-me-down
Flamingo bathing suit // Target, no longer available
Pink sun hat // Target, exact
Bow sunglasses // Target, exact
Anchor romper // Carter's, old
Yellow romper // Carter's, exact

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