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Fave Five Friday

TGIF! We had a fairly busy week, but nothing too hectic. I'll jump right in:

A little funny for your Friday ;)
5.) My handsome hubby started his new job on Monday! He is a staffing supervisor for Kelly Services, meaning he hires/fires temporary employees for a secondary company on-site. All is going well for week one! I pray he enjoys this job and finds peace in it. There's been a lot of stress revolving around finances in our household recently, and while I know I won't be crying in a mansion anytime soon, I know my hubs is certainly relieved to finally earn a decent income! I am too! God is good!

4.) We took advantage of the sunny weather on Tuesday and met up with friends at the park! We tried the splash pad, but Lucy wasn't into the cold water spraying in her face (don't blame her!) so we opted for the swings instead. She was much happier there ;)

3.) Winston has decided Lucy is his BFF now! It's adorable to watch him snuggle up to her. He always brings Lucy his toys in hopes that she'll play a little fetch or tug-o-war with him. She loves Winston, too, though and giggles whenever he runs by her. Love their little friendship ;) Also, I had some fun with Snapchat and a picture of Winston the other day. Haha.

2.) If ya'll follow me over on insta (I'm @faithandfashblog) you already heard me gush about my love for this Freeman Face Mask. I'm seriously in love with it. I've been using it for years! It is my go-to drugstore mask, and at less than $5 a bottle, it's a steal compared to some of the higher end versions. It does an amazing job, too, I can't recommend it enough! My favorites are the Charcoal & Black Sugar, Avocado & Oatmeal, and the Mint & Lemon; I also really want to try this Pineapple Enzyme one! I get mine at Ulta.

1.) Did ya'll catch this week's OOTD post? I've still got major heart-eyes for this pineapple, pom-pom tank! It's my favorite summer top this year, and it was only $10! Steal!!

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