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Currently | August 2015

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Happy Hump Day ya'll! Today I'm linking up with Anne at In Residence & Jenna over at Gold & Bloom for another edition of Currently. I'll share some of the things I've been loving and doing lately below :)

Creating: Honestly, my creative flow has been more of a slow and stumbling trickle these days. I wish I had the time and money to do more DIY home decor projects for the house, but I love coming up with ideas to keep on deck for the rare occasion when I do get to make a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Since I haven't been super crafty lately, I shared the artwork I made for Lucy's room when she was about 2 months old. The frames were dollar store frames that I spray painted gold and then I handpainted some Lilly Pulitzer-inspired prints to go in them.

Wishlisting: My wishlist is always a mile long. Not that I'm expecting to actually have everything on the list...I just love to gather ideas and inspiration. Probably why Pinterest is one of my favorite things...really, I've had a Pinterest account since the very beginning when you had to request an invite to even join! August is my birthday month, so my current wishlist is something of a birthday gift list. Here are a few of the things on it:

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Rollerball // Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Vibrant Coral // Seagram's Escapes "Bahama Mama" [I'm turning 21 ;)] // Kendra Scott "Rayne" Necklace in Ivory Pearl

Hoping: There are so many things to hope for today. I'm hoping to have a good turn out for my birthday party in a few weeks (a wonderful MOPS mama planned all of it!). I'm hoping to have our SUV fixed by this weekend (Preston put a brand new engine in it and then the alternator crapped out...stupid car). I'm hoping that our new year of MOPS will be a blessing on every mom who joins us and that we can be a sanctuary and minister to so many wonderful women.

Eating: Have you ever had a Heath bar? You know, those yummy english toffee coated in chocolate candy bars? Did you know they sell just the english toffee in little bits that you can add to whatever you're baking?? I tossed them into my regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and holy. cow. Delicious. I brought them to girls' night last week and they were a huge hit! A recipe is coming soon to the blog :)
Watching: Mad Men for the umpteenth time. I actually lost count of how many times I've watched through the whole series (minus the final season...we don't have TV, just Netflix, so no spoilers please!!!). I always watch it all the way through and then as soon as it's over, start it again. I'm doing the same thing with Downton Abbey, too. Someone should stop me. Seriously.

And a few of my own:
Reading: I had my local library put this gem on hold for me and it just came in! I'm only a few pages in and it's already good! I was so curious to see Holly Madison's take on Hugh Hefner and life in the Playboy Mansion...does anyone else remember Girls Next Door? It will be interesting to read her story and how she learned from her mistakes. I also just re-read the entire Twilight series. Please don't judge, it's a total guilty pleasure!
Planning: I'm planning a lot of little things right now! Firstly, I'm planning a sort of spring cleaning to get my house nice and spotless for when my whole family comes down from Kentucky this weekend! It was a total spur-of-the-moment trip and I'm so so soooo excited to see them! They haven't seen Lucy since she was 3 months old! I'm also working on a meal plan for the next two weeks as well. Any good recipes you'd like to share with me? Other than that, I'm just looking forward to the coming MOPS year. I'm on steering this season (hospitality team) and I can't wait to start putting all of our planning into action!

Listening: If I could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of my life, it would be swing/big band music. Specifically, Glenn Miller. He is my all-time favorite! I have these two vinyls of his orchestra and they are on constant repeat.
Praying: I wish I had the brain capacity to remember every single thing I wanted to pray for every time I prayed. But I think God knows what's in my heart even when I can't recall it. Some of the bigger things on my prayer list right now are: 1.) My Grandma Jo (Mary Jo) who is struggling with her knee. She had one of her knees replaced several years ago and it is doing well, but now it's time to have the other one replaced. She is having a hard time accepting it now that she doesn't have my grandpa (Howard, "Poppy") to hold her hand through it (we lost him to cancer in 2013). It breaks my heart to know that she hurts this way, but she has to look out for her health, so I'm praying for peace in her heart and healing for her, physically as well as emotionally. 2.) My husband's Grandpa Harold (the one you saw water skiing at the ripe old age of 80 in my Branson vacation post) is having some health issues as well. We're not entirely sure what's first they said arthritis, then they said it was Lyme disease or something similar to it from a tick bite, and now they're saying arthritis again. All we know is the right side of his body is swollen and very sore. He's starting to walk without a cane now, but still can't use his right hand. 3.) I'm also praying for safe travels for my family as they make the trip from Kentucky to St Louis this weekend. I am too excited to see them and I know my mom will need some prayers for sanity with a 7 hour road trip with 3 kiddos and a teenager ;)

You can join in on the link up here. What have you been up to lately? I'd love to know!

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