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Fave Five Friday: Catching Up

TGIF! This has been a super busy week! I had something to do almost every single day and tomorrow will be more of the same. It's supposed to be a Fave Five but I had so much going on I thought I'd skip counting and just do a little catch up post! But before I launch into a novel, let me just say I am super excited to be this week's featured blogger for High Five for Friday! It's hosted by some of the sweetest ladies and it is such a privilege to be featured on their blogs today! You can check them out by clicking their blog names below!

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Saturday: I love that my hubby has weekends off now! Retail scheduling is no fun, and I am glad to be rid of it! We spent Saturday doing some pre-birthday shopping and enjoyed lunch at one of my favorite fast food places (besides Chick-fil-a), Steak n Shake! Did you know you get a free meal on your birthday?! You can sign up here to reap all the tasty benefits ;) And ICYMI - I also posted my Fall 2015 Wishlist! You can find it here.

Sunday: Happy birthday to me! It was a low key celebration, but we got to spend some quiet time at home as a family before heading out to dinner, sans baby :) I ordered my first legal glass of wine and they didn't even card me! So much for that!

Avengers poster, lego bunting, and Thor's hammer cupcakes!
Monday: After an early morning MOPS meeting (that I almost forgot!), I got busy crafting up a storm. I made all the decorations for my nephew's 7th birthday party! It turned out super cute.

Tuesday: Tuesday was spent adding the final touches to the party decor and then the celebrations began!

Wednesday: I got some much needed cleaning done on Wednesday. I also started a game plan to help my in-laws tackle some of their excess clutter and shared some photos from my recent trip to Springfield, IL on the blog! You can check that post out here. All in all, a fairly productive day.

Thursday: Finally a more relaxed day. I worked on my meal plan for next week and made a grocery list, as well as working on some small projects around the house. Pretty mundane.
Friday: Today is grocery shopping day! We usually hit up Aldi for about 85% of our groceries and get the rest at Target or Walmart or any local store that's having a sale. Did you know Aldi & Trader Joe's are owned by the same company? I keep finding foods at Aldi that are exactly the same as Trader Joe's only under a different name and less than half the TJ cost!

                             {source}                                                                 {source}

Saturday: Tomorrow is party day for me! Some lovely MOPS mamas got together and organized a little outing to celebrate my birthday. We're hitting up Pi Pizzeria for dinner and following up with cocktails and bowling at PinUp Bowl in the Loop. It's sure to be a ton of fun, and I'm sure I'll have an update at next week's Fave Five ;)

And on top of all of that, Lucy said her first word! It was "dada" of course ;)

Well that's it! Whew. I feel tired just recapping all of that. Thank goodness for a potentially relaxing Sunday! Happy weekend, loves!

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