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Fave Five Friday

TGIF! Last weekend was a blur and this week was relaxing but busy in a calm way. I'll recap for you:

5.) Last weekend we had an impromptu "getaway" of sorts...my family drove up from Kentucky to visit us and my brother, Sean and his fiancee, Emily in Springfield, IL. We all got together and stayed the night in Springfield while my brother showed us around his town. We had never been there and it was neat to learn so much about Abraham Lincoln and the capitol of Illinois. I'll be posting a full recap of our weekend soon.

Vintage Fisher-Price Two Tune TV and Clock Radio, Vintage Condiment Server, Vintage Olga Nightgown
4.) While in Springfield, Preston and I of course hit up the local antique mall. We came away a few gems:

Fisher Price Two Tune TV & Clock Radio // They've started remaking these retro toys and sell them for about $25 a pop, but I found the original vintages ones for $4 & $5! I'm so excited, because the new versions were on my Amazon wishlist for Lucy! Here's the big question: Do I save the toys for Christmas/Birthday gifts for Lucy or just go ahead and give them to her? Obviously she won't know the difference, but I am just so torn! Advice please!

Vintage Olga Nightgown // I have always wanted a vintage, silky nightgown. They just look so comfy and beautiful and this one is no exception. I absolutely love it and could wear it every day; it makes me feel like a princess!

Vintage Condiment Server // I love this 60's serving set! We plan to use it for ice cream toppings and maybe even to serve ice cream.

3.) This was a busy blog week once again! I feel so productive lately! I shared one of my favorite maxi dresses, reminisced a little about my wedding (2 years ago!), and 21 facts about me for my 21st birthday coming up on Sunday. Follow the links to see what you missed!

2.) Lucy turned 7 months old! She is such a happy baby; she only fusses when she's sleepy or hungry. That's literally it! So far we have escaped teething, but I have a feeling it's not long in coming. I'm just blessed and grateful everyday for what a sweet baby I've been given. I am so very happy to be her mama!
1.) I am so excited to say that I am collaborating with Mirina Collections, a vintage boho inspired jewelry line based out of Miami. All of the necklaces are made by hand! I love so many of their pieces and they even carry clothing and accessories now, too! If you see anything you like you can use my discount code "faith20" for 20% off your entire purchase + free shipping! Prices range from around $10-200 so there is something for every budget!

Happy Friday, ya'll! Hope your weekend looks as bright as mine!

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