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What's In My Diaper Bag? - Six Month Edition

Motherhood has come with so many blessings. Including the ability to tote around a Mary Poppins-style bag without looking like a crazy person. As much as I enjoy schlepping around everything I own on one arm while wrangling a squirming infant in the other, I'd really like to find a smaller diaper bag, perhaps even a larger, regular handbag! But dreams will have to stay dreams for now, because I still find myself packing way too much with me and feeling stranded and lost when I leave it at home. Sigh. Here's a peek at what's been weighing me down now that Lucy's reached the 6 month mark!

I'm still using my trusty Skip Hop Duo Limited Edition French Stripe diaper bag. I really do like it; it has plenty of space and storage without being bulky or heavy. Although I'll probably be ditching the diaper bag soon in favor of a larger handbag, I really love the Skip Hop Duo in this pattern for winter.

In the Summer I like to be prepared for any extended sun time. That means travel size baby sunscreen, a floppy hat and a ridiculous amount of sunglasses. I promise I didn't buy all of these myself...I bought the red pair while I was pregnant and my mom bought the blue pair as part of an Easter gift. The polka dot pair were hand-me-downs from my sister. But, I do like that I'm prepared to match almost any outfit ;)

Polka Dot Sunnies // Carter's (old), similar
Red Sunnies // Crazy 8 (no longer available)
Blue Bow Sunnies // Target, sold out
Sunscreen // Babyganics, full size
Bucket Hat // Target, exact

Lucy is finally into all of her toys...like really into them. She loves to play! Some of her favorites are Sophie giraffe and crinkly lovies like these. These are just the toys I try to keep in her diaper bag all the time, but they change periodically.

Lady Bug Teether // Sassy, exact
Links // Bright Starts, exact
Lollipop Rattle // Bright Starts, exact
Giraffe Teether // Sophie the Giraffe, exact

Essentials, obviously. Diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream. I'm still going through all the samples I got in registry gift bags! They've really come in handy. And I never leave home without my wet bag. It is a Godsend when you're out and have a dirty outfit to hang on to. I like to keep Shout wipes in the front zipper to save her clothes from stains, too.

Wipes Clutch // we always use Huggies Natural Care
Diapers // we like Pampers Swaddlers the best
Diaper Rash Creams // Aquafor (we also use this under her neck when it gets rashy), Boudreaux Butt Paste, Weleda, Booty Goo
Skip Hop Wet Bag // Babies R Us, exact

Can't forget dinner! Lucy eats 2 meals of baby food a day now, and bottles in between. We always keep this formula dispenser full and at the ready, plus a spoon and bib for baby food feedings. For cleanup, I will use a regular baby wipe or these Johnson & Johnson Hand & Face Wipes. They smell amazing! I also have this little sample pack of the Boogie Wipes but I've never tried them. Thoughts?

Formula Dispenser // Munchkin, exact
Hand & Face Wipes // Johnson's, exact
Bunny Bib // Target, no longer available
Spoon // Nuby, exact

Always have a spare outfit tucked away. Always. I keep regular clothes and pajamas just in case.

Shorts // JCPenney, exact
Tank // Carter's, old
Sleeper // Burt's Bees Baby, TJ Maxx (in stores)

And now for my section....see what I mean about the schlepping? It's ridiculous.
I like to keep my planner with me in the back pocket of the bag. It slides in and out easily but stays put which I like. There are always at least two packages of Kleenex at any given time in here, too. And I can't go anywhere without a couple beauty products ;) I'm still using up my BBW hand cream from last Christmas right now, plus a Baby Lips and a spare bottle of BBW Anti-Bac. Wallet, Mommy pouch, phone and sunglasses too of course. I only show the one pair here, but the reality is....

..there were four pair in there. FOUR. What is wrong with me?

Pen // Michael's, in stores
Planner // Target (last year), I'm really loving this one for 2016
Wallet // TJ Maxx (old), similar, similar
Clutch // Orla Kiely, no longer available
Tissues // Kleenex, exact
Hand Cream // Bath & Body Works, exact
Baby Lips // Ulta, exact
Hand Sanitizer // Bath & Body Works, exact
Phone Case // Target, dollar section
Top Black Sunnies // Dolce & Gabbana, really old
Pink Sunnies // Forever 21 (old), similar
Aviators // Walmart, in stores
Bottom Black Sunnies // Francesca's Collections (old), similar

And as always, a peek inside my "mommy clutch" as I call it. Basically what used to be my makeup case, but I no longer feel I can call it that as it is mostly just random other crap now. Ah, motherhood.

Blotting paper // Swisspers, exact
Wisps // Walmart, exact
Compact mirror // Pink Ribbon Shop, exact
Perfume // Bath & Body Works, full size
Baby Lips // Cherry, exact
Hair Tie & Bobby Pins // I like these and these
Pill box // vintage

That's it! I asked Winston to put it all away. He was not impressed.

What do ya'll carry in your 6 month olds' diaper bag? Anything I'm missing? Let me know in the comments!

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