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Fave Five Friday

Happy Friday! I've been pretty absent this week, sadly :( It took a little while to get Lucy settled back into her routine at home after a busy week in Kentucky! Here's what I was up to before all that craziness started:

5.) First off, I recapped my Kentucky trip yesterday, where I finally got to meet the lovely Tif from Bright on a Budget and scored a ton of deals on clothes for Lucy! You can check out that fun post here.

4.) It looks random, but hear me out. While I was in Kentucky, my parents volunteered for their church's annual parish garage sale. I tagged along and while we were all unloading boxes, someone came across a pair of Edwardian era women's shoes. I am so mad I didn't think to take a photo of them, so this internet photo will have to do. Anyway, a few workers were discussing how old they looked and what price to put on them. I took a look at them (mind you, I'm no expert but I do love a good pair of shoes) and could tell immediately that they were definitely an antique. Authentic to boot (pun intended)! You could see the nails in the bottom where someone had tirelessly hammered them together, by hand. They had been well taken care of; stuffed with newspaper to hold their shape. I pulled a piece of the newspaper out to hopefully get a time period...the paper was from 1945! On the inside of the shoes was stamped Peters St. Louis MO, an old shoe factory from right here in STL! How crazy that I would come across it in Lexington! I urged the woman running the sale to hold onto them and have them appraised first. I really hope we can learn more about them and just how old they are. They looked identical to the photo above which is dated 1910's. That's over 100 years old! I'm just super excited to have held a piece of history like that in my own hands! Phew. Pat yourself on the back if you got through that novel.

3.) Have you seen the new Starbucks Anniversary travel mugs? I am in love with all of them! I just got the top right geometric one, thanks to a lovely friend! I would love to have that gold Swarovski crystal one, if it wasn't $75! I don't think I could trust myself with an expensive ceramic tumbler...

10 Points if you can name that movie!
2.) I'm about as interested in exercise as Dorothy Shaw. Ain't there anyone here for love? But in all seriousness, I've been trying to keep up with my fitness, at least the bare minimum. Social media is actually the easiest way for me. Let me explain: when someone starts a group for a 30 day planking challenge and you say you'll join, you're then held accountable for keeping up with it. It's a hideous and beautiful thing, friends. If you're looking for a way to keep yourself accountable or just get regular tips, motivation and support, my dearest friend, Joni is a Team Beachbody coach and she is just the sweetest person I know. She's a mama to 2 sweet girls, an Army wife, and a wonderful Christian woman. To join her team or learn more about Team Beachbody, visit here. To like her Facebook page for motivation with a little less commitment, click here and tell her Mariah sent you ;) Another thing I love about her? She doesn't push you to buy any products or guilt you into anything,,,it's pure motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, check her out.

1.) It's finally fall! Sort of...we've still had some pretty toasty temps, but there's been a few 60/70 degree days thrown in and I'll take all I can get! I'm really looking forward to some of the great fall events coming up in the area, including several pumpkin festivals, hot air balloon races in Forest Park, apple picking and outdoor flea markets, and more. I'm practically booked through October already!

Happy weekend, loves! Hopefully there's some cooler temps coming your way :)

**P.S.: stay tuned next friday for a fun announcement. It's a biggun! You can check in here or catch the reveal on instagram (I'm @faithandfashblog) or snapchat (@heyryahk)**

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