Fave Five Friday | Fall Edition - Like Honey

Fave Five Friday | Fall Edition

Happy Friday, ya'll! I'm so excited about the weather forecast for this weekend...the high is 66! Fall is finally upon us for real so I am devoting this week's Fave Five to all things autumn.

5.) I know I'm not the only one who loves a good candle. There's something to be said for a cozy scent filling the room on a chilly fall day. My favorite scents are the fall and Christmas ones: cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, spice. I burn them year round!

4.) I'm planning on doing a full post soon on all my favorite fall makeup and beauty products. Here's a little sampling of a few faves that I'm really hoping to get from Santa this year ;)

3.) Did you catch my Fave Fall Scarves post the other day? There are so many cute and affordable options linked there. I really love that red plaid one.

{All item details here}

2.) Fall is all about sweaters, scarves & boots! It's my favorite season for style. I am lucky enough to be spending my second fall in row wearing maternity clothes! I won't reach my second trimester until November (I'm 10 weeks now and haven't gained a pound, so who knows when I'll start showing?), but I'm glad to get some more use out of all of my maternity sweaters from my pregnancy with Lucy.

1.) Holiday traditions are one of those things our family is just starting out on. I want to do so many different things this year, especially since it will be Lucy's first Thanksgiving and Christmas! These Pinterest finds are a few of the ideas I've got tucked away to try out ourselves.

Who else is diving head first into boots and scarves/pumpkin spice season? I'm not a PSL fan, but I do love a good White Chocolate Mocha or Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! Yum! Happy weekend!

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