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Fave Five Friday + A Not So Fave

TGIF ya'll! It's been a yucky week in the Klee household. Lucy has been really congested since Sunday and I just feel so bad for her. She absolutely hates having her face wiped after eating, so she really hates having her nose wiped and having to saline sprayed up her nose and bulb syringed out is just awful. It breaks my heart to hear her little cracked voice and tiny cough. Hopefully she gets over the worst of it soon! On to favorites:

Me & my girl taking a snack break // We had to stop at this booth, of course! Lucy's Southern Twine ;) // Winston tagged along too, supporting our birds! // This fancy dog statue still has me cracking up. His face! I probably should have bought it. // A pretty plaid pram, authentic vintage from England!
5.) On Saturday, we spent all day at St. Louis Vintage Market Days. It's an upscale vintage-inspired outdoor market full of original art, antiques, clothing + jewelry, handmade items, home decor, furniture, local food, and more. Basically a real life local etsy! What could be better? We didn't come home with anything (except for a big ol' bag of the best kettle corn I've ever had!), but I did leave feeling inspired and a little bit crafty! I can't wait to put my own ideas to work!

4.) Sunday was just as busy as Saturday. We started our day with church and then headed out to do a little shopping. It was only supposed to be a couple of stops, but my hubby and I are both browsers and we ended up being out for several hours! In the end I came home with some super cute pieces for all of us, including some key pieces for our family Christmas outfits and a fall staple that I've had on my wishlist for about 2 years!

3.) ICYMI: I shared a great glammed up version of the plaid button down look and a yummy Crockpot Shredded Chicken Parmesan recipe! This week was all about cozy with a sick babe and Crockpot always = cozy in my book.

2.) Lucy turned 9 months old this week! And I am officially in my last week of my first trimester! We're all feeling very emotional around here but I'm so excited to see Lucy grow by leaps and bounds in the coming weeks. That goes for my belly, too!
1.) Is anyone else ridiculously ready for Christmas? I could honestly just forget all about Halloween and skip right to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Only 68 more days! I've really got to get going on my Christmas shopping!!

And a NOT so favorite....
With a 9 month old and one on the way we are going to be swimming in diapers for a while! I thought I'd branch out from my beloved Pampers and try a cheaper alternative in an effort to save a little money. We tried the Target Up & Up brand. It comes with almost twice as many diapers as the Pampers Swaddlers boxes for the same price! I SO wish I could have liked these. But, fair warning ladies...they are AWFUL. I mean. so bad. Lucy has trouble leaking at night occasionally, but never during the day and with these Up & Up diapers she leaked every. single. time. I ended up with almost 2 full loads of laundry after all the accidents after just 1 and a half days. So I returned the rest of the diapers and went back to my Pampers. There's just nothing better!

Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans out there? We're taking photos at the pumpkin patch tomorrow and then hitting a local pumpkin festival on Sunday!

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