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Fave Five Friday | Feeling Thankful

Happy Friday, all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I know I did! I'm sure most of you are out hunting for deals today, so stay safe in your shopping! It can get crazy out there!

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I thought it was highly appropriate to share 5 things I'm grateful for this Friday (though I could go much further than just 5!):

Top Photo (from left to right): Preston, Lucy, Me, my dad, my mom, my sister Hannah, my brother Sean, my soon-to-be sister-in-law Emily, my sister Amelia, my brother Carson, & my sister Lila
Bottom Left Photo: My parents and siblings and I all decked out in our UK gear for the big game last year! Preston took the photo because he isn't a Kentucky fan and refused to sit on the couch with us all anyway, lol!
Bottom Right Photo: One of my very favorite photos we have...all 4 generations! My mom's mom Mary Jo is the best grandmother I could ask for. Love her to pieces!

5.) Fun Family // I am so very blessed to have such a large and wonderful family! This isn't even including my husband's side (and if I wasn't finishing this post at 1:00am on Friday morning, I might add some pictures of them to it!). I love all of my siblings so much and have amazing parents who have been a wonderful example of a happy, loving marriage for over 20 years! I'm so glad to say that my mom and oldest younger sister are my best friends and my youngest siblings are so close with Lucy. It fills my heart to the brim ♥

4.) A Healthy Pregnancy/Baby // If I say "I'm so blessed" too much, don't stop me. I just can't help it. I am so so lucky to have been graced with (so far) extremely healthy pregnancies and babies. My pregnancy with Lucy was an absolute breeze and the labor and delivery were just as smooth. I have every hope that this one will be more of the same, since the pregnancy has been remarkably similar, but only time will tell. Until then, I praise God that I have been able to do this much and have such ease with fertility. My heart absolutely breaks for those who don't; some of my dearest friends and family have suffered from infertility and miscarriage. They are incredibly strong, faithful people who have taught me so much, like how to be truly grateful for the blessings my babies are.

3.) Loving Hubby // I don't know where I'd be without this guy. He is an absolute rock for me and does everything he can to provide for his family. He is a great supporter, amazing father, and a beautiful example of a true, Christian man. I know he will continue to lead our family in a Godly manner and I could not be more grateful to him for his constant support, care, and love. Love you forever, babe!

2.) My Baby Girl, Lucy // Oh my sweet sweet girl. How could I not be grateful for the blessing you are on our lives? Lucy has been a constant ray of sunshine (albeit a little cloudy somedays). Her smile absolutely lights up a room and her giggle completely melts my heart. Just to see her light up with excitement when her daddy comes home is enough to send me over the moon. She is growing incredibly fast and is so smart with such a sweet disposition. I sure hope she passes that calm, always-happy demeanor to baby #2!
1.) Loving God // There could be no other number one. God's constant, constant love has led me through so many dark times in life. It is the most comforting feeling to know that He has saved me from all sin and darkness; that He really loved me that much! And for Him to give me so many blessings in life when I do nothing but fail Him daily. That is true love. God loves us all in depths so great we could never understand them. I would love to talk to you about it sometime. Email me @ faithandfashblog @ gmail .com or connect with me through any form of social media (they're all linked to the top right of the blog)! God is truly good and I would love to share His truth with you.

What are you feeling thankful for this season? Have you stopped and counted your blessings lately?

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