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Fave Five Friday

TGIF ya'll! This week was pretty calm after a fun Halloween weekend and next week looks like much of the same. I am not complaining!

Little girl is all smiles these days!
5.) On Saturday, we took Lucy trick-or-treating with some friends and their kiddos. It was a fun night hanging out and getting a little candy. Lucy has enjoyed a bag of mini cheese puffs and a mini tootsie pop so far. Mommy & Daddy are enjoying the rest ;) I loved our costumes and got a few really cute pics of her as Dorothy.

4.) Did you catch this week's posts? I shared a yummy Oreo truffle recipe & a new November Currently post where you can catch up on what's I've been doing/loving/etc. lately!

3.) We recently watched my in-law's dogs for a few days while they visited the Southern Baptist Convention. As a thank you, my mother-in-law brought me back an entire box of caramel eggs from Russell Stover! We didn't even need Halloween!

How cute is this letter to Santa printable?! Download it here.
2.) I'm starting to work on Christmas present ideas for family and friends. I have a great DIY gift for my family but I'm still working on ideas for the in-laws and hubs. I would love to do more than gift cards if possible, but my father-in-law is the type of man who buys all the ideas on his list before anyone else can! Haha. Anyone else getting on the gift giving train early this year?

1.) This Tuesday is my first prenatal appointment for baby #2! We haven't had health insurance since Preston switched jobs, so I'm feeling lots of excitement and relief at being able to finally make sure everything is going well and getting to see my baby! God is good!

What have you been up to this week? Share with me in the comments below or link me to your blog for some Friday Faves!

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