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Is Baby #2 Pink or Blue?!

We have exciting news surrounding the identity of baby #2...

Are you ready?


We are SO excited to welcome little Parker James into our family! I know my husband is excited to have his boy, and I am too. This little man is already so loved and cherished.

I'm thrilled to be able to enjoy both sides of the spectrum...the bows and the bow ties. It's going to be a ton of fun (and a little crazy) but we are over the moon!

Any tips for a first time boy mama? It's been a while since my family had any boys around (my 10 year old brother is super pumped about getting a nephew, being the last boy on my side of the family!) and anyone who knows me knows I am the furthest from a tomboy...advice, suggestions and prayers are welcome!

Thanks so much for sharing in our good news with us! We are so very blessed to be given this little guy (and our little girl!)!

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