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Technical Difficulties

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have been very absent from Faith & Fashion this week, as I made a very last minute trip to Kentucky on Monday afternoon!

So, my grandma just had her knee replaced and is obviously unable to walk on her own much, so my mom is staying with her to help her get around and get her medicine etc. In the meantime, she is running back and forth all day long trying to get the kids to and from school, to their various activities and back home in time to do homework, baths, and bedtime...not an easy task when you also have to keep medicines on schedule and an exercise regimen up to speed on top of taking care of yourself! 

So Lucy and I packed up a few days worth of clothes and things and drove from St Louis to Lexington in about 5 hours! We will probably be here until the end of the week, so there will be no Fave Five Friday this time (sorry!). Family comes first though, and I'm so happy and blessed to have the ability to just drop things and come help out as much as I can.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope to be back up and running sometime next week (Monday we find out for sure of baby's gender, so I maaay be a little preoccupied there!).

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