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We're Back!

Hey ya'll! After an exhausting 5 1/2 days in Lexington, we are finally back home in Missouri. We just had our gender confirmation ultrasound and I am too too excited to share the results with you! This weekend perhaps?

An update on my grandma: She is home and recovering very well! She's got lots of great help now and is over that first rough week. It'll be a while before she's back to normal, but she's well on her way and we appreciate all the prayers!

Lucy had a great time playing with her aunts and uncle the whole week. We got to see my little brother, Carson play some basketball and my little sister Amelia in her Kindergarten Thanksgiving Play! Here are few snapshots from our busy week:

This poor baby had such a crazy week, running back and forth to pick up and transport kids and running back and forth to the hospital and from my mom's house to my grandma's house every night....whew! She passed out on Nana (my mom) while we were waiting for JoJo (my grandma) to be discharged from the hospital.

This portrait of my grandma and late grandpa is my absolute favorite. They posed for it they got the call to adopt my aunt! It's such a special photo of the two of them and I have always loved seeing it in their home.

Lucy was very excited to watch some basketball!

How adorable is this corduroy dress?! I found it at the local children's resale (Kid2Kid) and just had to have it. It should fit Lucy next fall, just in time for the fall races! Until then, it will hang in her closet for me to admire and drool over ;)

My parents' dog, Dolly, got a new Christmas sweater. She is such a sweet dog and is great friends with Lucy. They play and snuggle together whenever we visit.

Woke up to this sweet scene. She loves to snuggle her lovie and her "woogie". Woogies are just burp cloths, but there's a story behind the name: When my sister, Hannah was a baby she had a favorite blankie that she always called "woobie". No idea why, but the name stuck. So when Carson was born, we called his the same thing, but he became attached to the burp cloth and called it "woogie". They've been woogies ever since!

It's been a wild week with a lot of driving (thanks for the suggestion of the Serial podcast, Katie! It got me through all 700 miles) but we are so happy to be home! I can't wait to get back into the swing of things for Thanksgiving and then Christmas!

Happy Monday, all!

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