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Currently | December 2015

It's the last Currently post for 2015! That really puts things into perspective, doesn't it? This year has flown by so super fast and I can only assume that's because of what a crazy year we've had....we moved houses (twice!), had little Lucy Jane, got pregnant again (!), Preston switched jobs....the list goes on. With that in mind, I'll go ahead with December's Currently prompts:

This picture was taken after a massive blizzard a couple years ago. It's my in-law's backyard...the prettiest in the winter!
Wishing // I honestly have so many blessings right now I don't even know where to begin. I suppose the only wishes I really have are for my husband's job to continue on the up & up and for us to finally be able to afford our forever home. We are getting there, but it's a process and there is definitely some stress involved, especially when there are 2 babies in the mix! I'm sure I'll have a Christmas wishlist posted on here soon, but I honestly couldn't care less about materialistic things this year (though a few are always welcome ;) ).

My sweet happy girl...even in her ultrasound photo she was smiling away!
Remembering // Lucy's first birthday is in a little over a month and I just can't believe it's even possible. I'm really not super emotional about it and I'm not sure if it's because I have another newborn on the way or just because I love watching her grow. As much as I love the newborn stage and miss how teeny tiny she was, I also can't wait for her to be in that fun toddler stage, walking and talking and having interests and favorites. It's still a little bittersweet to reminisce on her newborn days, but seeing her learn and change is even better.

{B. Sugar Chute gumball machine (no longer available) // Leapfrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket // B. Happy Go Puppy pull toy //  Fisher Price Music Box Record Player // Fisher Price Two Tune TV (we found an actual vintage version, like this one) // Fisher Price Clock Radio (again, vintage. I've never seen a remake of this one)
Wrapping // These are a few of the presents we've gotten for Lucy already and are saving for Christmas or birthday. We still have several things we'd like to get for her, including stocking stuffers but I'm not too worried about getting a ton since she's so little this year. We all know she'll probably just play with the wrapping paper! As for family, I don't want to share on here in case they read this, but I'll be sharing some great gift guides soon that might give you some ideas ;)

Obviously I'm no professional, but I must say I'm proud of how this cake turned out! I've never made one before (besides your basic 9x13" rectangle, no decoration involved) so I can't believe it wasn't a disaster!
Baking // I think most of my yearly baking got done at Thanksgiving this year...I made a 3 layer cake for our gender reveal (above; revealing to family) and a caramel pie on top of cooking almost all the food for the big meal! I'll probably be baking cookies on Christmas eve with the family, but otherwise I am at my yearly limit! As for cookies, my chocolate chip cookies recipe is always a favorite and I also absolutely love snicker doodles, though I've never found a homemade recipe to my liking. This Betty Crocker mix is my go-to and tastes like it's from scratch! Stock up though, as I've only ever seen it available during the holiday season.

{sources // Front Door Decor, Sparkly Trees, Banister, Throw Pillows, Apothecary "Globe"
Decorating // We're still in the midst of setting up our Christmas decorations, but I hope to have some pics of those when they're all done. For now, here are some gorgeous photos that have been inspiring me for the holiday season.

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