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Emerald + Plaid Blanket Scarf

Don't mind my crazy dog!

This is one of my favorite colors to wear with this plaid blanket scarf. I love emerald green (it makes my green eyes pop) and this sweater is a favorite, too.

There's actually a neat story behind this sweater...when I was pregnant with Lucy and working at Crazy8, I struck up a conversation with a customer as I was ringing up her purchase. We were discussing pregnancy and the ridiculous price of maternity clothes when she said, "You know, I have a several boxes in my car of maternity clothes that I was about to get rid of. Do you want to just take them for me?" I said, sure, why not? Can't hurt to try and find some goodies and if nothing works I'll just donate them as she was about to. So an hour later she comes back up to the store with 3 huge cardboard boxes of clothes! After getting them home, I realize that at least half of the things inside are my size and a lot of the rest worked for my best friend. Not only did they fit, they were all really nice, mostly Gap, Old Navy and Liz Lange for Target! 

This sweet woman doesn't know what a blessing she was to me at that time. We really had no money and we knew I was going to stay home when I had Lucy. Not having to buy many maternity clothes was such a help on our finances at the time and I still have all of those clothes to use with Parker! So, kind lady, if you're reading this post: THANK YOU!

Outfit Details:

Sweater // Gap Maternity, similar, similar non-maternity
Blanket Scarf // Altar'd State, exact
Jeans // JCP non-maternity, similar
Boots // Macy's, exact
Nails // Rimmel 60-Seconds in Red, Steady Go, exact

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