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Fave Five Friday

It's Friday! Only 1 more Friday to go until Christmas is here! Isn't that crazy?!

Here's what I've been up to this week:

5.) I've been cranking out the gift guides to help my fellow procrastinators out in these dwindling days before the holiday arrives! Shop for your guy here or your girls here! I'm planning a couple more for next week--$15 or less and a baby gift guide. Any other suggestions? I'm all ears!

4.) I had a routine checkup and my official anatomy scan this week! Baby Parker is doing great and has all his fingers and toes in the right places. We are both perfectly healthy so praise the Lord!

These sweet friends of ours held a baby shower for us last year when I was pregnant with little Lucy. They are the absolute best!
3.) I am over the moon to be spending next weekend with my dearest friend, Joni and her family! It's been over a year since we've seen them and both she and I have had a baby in that time! I can't wait to meet her new sweet babe and catch up. We miss them sooo much!

2.) We finally got our Christmas photos taken and cards made. I'm ordering them today and hopefully having them shipped this week! Nothing like last minute, I know.

Our most recent ultrasound of our sweet Parker + one of my favorite scriptures. Let go and let God!
1.) Finally, I am asking for prayers for a woman we saw in the hospital yesterday. We were both in the waiting room waiting for an ultrasound and she was so sweet, cooing at Lucy and playing with her young daughter she had with her. On our way out after our ultrasound we saw her in the lobby broken down and sobbing. She had her husband/boyfriend beside her but I can only imagine what could have happened in those 45 minutes that might have changed her life. Pray for this poor woman's heart, as she has been on my mind ever since and I know, no matter what the case may be, she really needs the Lord's strength to hold her up right now.

Happy weekend ya'll. I hope your weekend is full of Christmas cheer and fun festivities!

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