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Goals & Plans for 2017

Alright y'all. It's almost 2017. That means it's time to start getting into that mind set of "new year, new me". I know there's a million "open letters" about how you shouldn't have to change yourself and what if you already like yourself the way you are and don't need a "new you"? That's great! But personally, I'm looking to improve constantly and I know that there are many areas in life in which we aren't meant to simply settle. So with that in mind, here is a small list of goals and plans I have laid out for the new year:

Some of the more "big picture" things on our list this coming year are things like replacing my husband's beater car (with a new SUV or mini van if I'm lucky!), finish painting the house (and work on decor of course), and get family photos taken. I'd also like to save up the money (by sticking closer to our budget) to take a nice vacation with my little family, maybe to Florida or North Carolina to visit our friends.

On a personal level, I'm working on getting back into shape and drinking more water. I know I don't drink nearly enough as I should and I need to get back into my workout regimen that was going well before I had Parker. I also want to work on being more social in person. It's easy to be friendly behind a screen, but I want to set more play date and send more invites to really establish close relationships with friends.

For the blog, I'm hoping to keep my blogging more consistent since having a baby kind of turned things upside down for me. I also want to step up my outfit posting game since that's one of my favorite parts of blogging. I feel like I'm headed in a good direction here on Like Honey and I'm enjoying every second of the blog life. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for things you'd like to see more of here on LHB, let me know in the comments!

Like me, this list I'm sure will grow and change as the months pass by. And that's totally okay. Setting goals can be intimidating, so if you're looking for some tips on making sure your resolutions really stick, check out my blog post below!

What are your goals and plans for the new year? What areas are you looking to improve on? Is there anything you'd like to see more of here on Like Honey?  Let me know in the comments below!


Fave Five Friday | Merry Christmas!

Happy Friday, y'all!

Christmas is TWO days away! Can you believe it?!

I'm so excited to cozy up by our new fireplace and spend the next few days with my favorite people.

With that, I will be signing off until after the holiday to spend time with family and friends and I hope you'll do the same.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Wrapped in Plaid + Fur

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I raved about this festive plaid button down a while ago and I'm back again to rock it with my favorite fur vest and a bit of sparkle for the holidays! It's officially Christmas week and I'm getting as much red + green into my wardrobe as I can!

Here in Missouri, winter is usually too cold for just a flannel, so this fur vest was the perfect added layer to keep me warm and stylish. It's going to on high repeat this season!

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What's your favorite way to wear a plaid button down? Have you jumped on the growing fur trend?


How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

Christmas is this weekend which means a week or two of festivities and fun before it's off to a New Year! Can you believe it's almost 2017?! My daughter is going to be 2 next month, Parker turns one shortly after that...it just doesn't seem possible. I don't know about you, but I am already thinking about my plans for 2017. It's fun to picture all the big ideas and exciting changes, but I also know how intimidating it can be to set goals for the future, so today I thought I'd share a few tips for getting your resolution to stick this year (or at least increasing your chances)! 

Find a Routine...and Stick to It! | Having a routine is so important and sticking to it even when you don't want to is even more so! I admit, since having Parker I have not been the best at disciplining myself and getting things done, but one of my goals for the new year is to get back into that By sticking to the routine that works best for you, you'll decrease distractions and actually be productive.

Set More Small Goals Than Large | There's nothing more intimidating than a large, faroff goal. Giving yourself a massive goal to accomplish is setting yourself up for failure. Try breaking your biggest goal up into smaller pieces to be met at different times of the year. For example, if one of your goals is to save $5,000 by the end of the year, try instead to save just $400 a month. This will be much easier to accomplish each month and crossing each month off of your list will motivate you even further.

Don't Stress | Didn't reach your goal this month? Cheated on your diet over the weekend? Don't stress about it! Enjoy your life and live in the moment a little. It's totally okay to take a break. Just jump back in with more energy when you're ready!

Have Faith |  Don't give up on a goal too easily. Pray about your resolutions and seek God's will in your life. He has a tremendous plan already laid out for you and it is better than anything you can imagine. It's important to remember that nothing on Earth can satisfy us like Christ's love can, and if you remind yourself of that the world lets you down a lot less often.

Focus On Your Reason | Why did you set that goal in the first place? Did you plan to lose weigh to fit into that gorgeous wedding dress? Did you plan to save up for that Disney vacation? Don't forget it then! Actively motivating yourself is one of the best ways to attain your goals. Make a cute shadow box or jar with a picture of your vacation destination and watch it fill up with money all year or post a photo of your dress on the mirror or somewhere you'll see it every day to motivate you to keep making healthy choices.

 Write Everything Down | I don't know about you, but I remember things a lot more when I right them down and we all know how real mommy brain can be, so I love having a notebook or, even better, a planner on hand at all times to keep me organized and on task. This one from STARTplanner is new found favorite because it allows me to organize and account for everything, from my daily schedule to my water intake and even my monthly budget! It's going to come in handy this year as I set personal and blog related goals alike.

Want to start your new year off organized? Enter the giveaway below to win your very own Hustle Daily planner from STARTplanner and start crushing 2017!

Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm CST, December 26. Must enter contest link in the entries below to win.

Tell me, what are some of your goals for 2017? Do you have any big plans or ideas?

*This post and its giveaway is sponsored by STARTplanner. All opinions are my own.*

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Fave Five Friday | Feeling Sluggish

Y'all.....this week has drrraaagged by. And I got next to nothing done. How does this happen?

Oh, yeah, because I've barely slept this week.

Baby boy has been keeping us up every night this week. I suspect teething, but he could just be going through a clingy phase. At any rate, I am TIRED. And that's why the blog was looking pretty sparse this week. Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, this week wasn't a total drag at least! I've got a few highlights to share with you:

5.) First off, are these stinkers not the cutest?! I snapped some pictures of them last weekend here and there and I'm just in love. As little as this guy sleeps, he is happy happy when he wakes up! Lucy is really getting into having her picture taken (on her terms, of course) and loves to smile! I'm tired, but I'm blessed beyond words.


4.) I finally got a new laptop! It's nothing crazy, just a Lenovo, but after 6 years and 2 harddrive fails on the old dinosaur I was using it feels ah-mazing to have a laptop that weighs like less than 2lbs. All the praise hands!

3.) Did y'all catch the one post that made it to the blog this week? Ha, I'm never sorry for prioritizing my family and myself before my blog, but I do feel bad when I'm churning next to no content out for you guys. Either way, this sweater is worth talking about. It's so soft, has a hi-low hem and comes in so many pretty colors! I've got a fun OOTD planned with the burgundy one I also have and they're both around $20! Score!

2.) Who else is prepping for 2017 already? Yep, guilty. I'm the person who would plan the whole year if I had the means. This planner from STARTplanner is a great way to start setting those goals and meeting those deadlines and I've got a fun post + a giveaway coming to the blog next week! Stay tuned!

1.) That's pretty much it this week, but since we're still calling this Fave Five here's a little encouragement for you today! God created you in HIS image and LOVES you even when you fail!

Happy weekend everybody!


Winter White Denim + Taupe

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This week's #HolidaySpiritStyle challenge was White Christmas, which is totally a theme I can get behind! I love breaking the "no white after labor day" rule and rock my white skinnies all year long!

I also love this pretty neutral sweater. It's super soft and comes in a ton of colors for only $20. I have it in burgundy, too. This one is my favorite shade of taupe and I love it paired with other tans and browns, especially the hues in my new Michael Kors bag! This beauty was an early Christmas gift from my mama and I am loving it!

Also tying into the White Christmas theme, my trusty pearl statement necklace. Someday I'll get one like I have linked above, but for now this $5 Walmart find is serving me well!

Outfit Details
Sweater // Kohls
Jeans // Kohls
Boots // Macy's, similar
Handbag // Michael Kors, similar
Necklace // Walmart, similar

So tell me...do you wear white after labor day? And are you neutral obsessed like me?

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Fave Five Friday | Matching + Milestones

It's finally really feeling like Christmas around here! The weather is really getting cold and it's supposed to snow next week so I really am dreaming of white Christmas! ;)

I honestly don't think I've left the house this week, but we did get a lot done around here! Let's catch up:

5.) This holiday look went live on the blog yesterday and I'm obsessed with the red + beige + black combo! It's going to be the perfect holiday look for Christmas service with my family and might even double as a Valentine's Day date night look in a few months!

4.) Lucy and I got matchy a few days ago for a trip to our favorite vintage store and a little shopping with Daddy and Parker. I love this girl so much and love matching with her while she'll still let me! ;)

3.) Do you have any interesting holiday traditions? Our holiday bucket list featured a lot of the basics, but I should have added my annual addiction to the white chocolate shake from Steak n Shake! You have to try it; it's bomb!

2.) This sweet little dude said his first words this week! He said "dada" first, of course, but said "mama" yesterday while reaching out for me! I love and hate how big he's getting!

1.) I've got a busy week ahead of me: I'm hosting a MOPS play date on Wednesday, going to a girl's night Christmas party on Thursday, a regular MOPS meeting on Friday and then what I'm sure will be a busy weekend with family. That means lots of festive food to be made and a couple of gift exchanges to shop for, too! What's your favorite $10-15 gift exchange idea? I need inspiration!

Happy weekend!


Merry + Bright Holiday Red Dress

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One of my favorite holiday looks is a classic red and black combo. This bell sleeve frock is so on trend this year and paired with black and sparkly accessories, it's perfect for any holiday fete. I also love the addition of the classic trench. How cute would this dress be with a fur vest and nude pumps? I see a few wardrobe re-wears in my future with this one!

Do you have any holiday parties or gatherings to go to this year? What will you be wearing?

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