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Fave Five Friday | Snuggles & Shopping Steals

Happy Friday, ya'll! It's been a boring, yucky week in our house...Lucy had a fever and cold for 3 days and then as soon as she got better, I caught a head cold! It wouldn't be so bad if there were any medications I could actually take while pregnant :( so for now, I'm suffering through, considering borrowing some Essential Oils from a friend to get through it a little faster. Being sick with a toddler is no fun! But my week still had some highlights, so I'll jump right into those: 

5.) Did you catch this weeks OOTD with PinkBlush maternity? I am ob-sessed with that dress! And I especially love that I can wear it into Spring and still shop at PinkBlush when I no longer need maternity clothes! They are seriously the cutest boutique and I love that I was able to collaborate with such an awesome brand.

{some of these styles are not exact, as I couldn't find Gap Factory items anywhere online! I just wanted to give a rough idea though, rather than describe it all to you (: }

Chambray Button Down, $2.50 // Gap Blue Cologne, $12.50 // Tailored Khaki Straight Fit, $16.50 // Toddler Logo Sweats, $2 // Light Blue Sweater, $7.50 // Skinny Belt, $3

Total Cost: $44 + Tax // Total Savings: $178!

4.) More fashion goodies: our local Gap Factory is closing permanently so we hurried in to snag some clearance deals before they were wiped clean. It was pretty picked over when we got there, but we did find a few gems! I'm just sorry to see the store go :(

3.) Lucy had her second cake smash on Saturday (before getting sick) and she knew exactly what to do! She ate almost the whole cake! Thank goodness it wasn't very big ;) It was so funny watching her shove handfuls into her face.

2.) I felt like garbage yesterday, but somehow managed to kick my butt into gear and clean the whole house! I disinfected and wiped clean every surface, including the inside of my microwave and the entire interior of the fridge! I got a load of laundry done and vacuumed on top of that! 3 and 1/2 days of being stuck inside the house will do that to you. I just couldn't take the clutter anymore, no matter how gross I felt! It feels so good to have it all spotless!

1.) Even though we've been feeling crummy this week, illness can have it's upsides. I got all the snuggles for 2 days straight! I hate to see my baby feeling sick, but I was glad to get some sweet alone time with her (especially before Parker gets here and steals some of the spotlight!).

What's everyone's weekend plans? Are you enjoying snowy weather, too? Hopefully my weekend is full of recovery and maybe being productive! TGIF :)

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