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Fave Five Friday | Christmas Favorites + A Sleepy Little Reindeer

Happy 2016!!!!!

Holy heck, it's January 2016 already?! Lucy will be ONE in two weeks! Time needs to just stop.

This week has been sloooow slow. It takes some time to settle back into a routine when the last week and a half has been completely haywire in terms of sleeping and eating schedules. Travelling on top of all that adds unpacking and just general recuperating, too. I finally feel more settled in now that we've spent most of this week at home getting back into the swing of things, but since we did so little all week I don't really have much in the way of favorites.

I thought instead I'd share a few of my favorite Christmas gifts! There are lots of goodies in here I'm sure other's would like to know about, so here's a bit of a recap and review of some of them (hopefully, without being braggy...I hate that!):

5.) My Christmas Gift favorites:

Velour Tassel Clutch, Target // The clutch I've had my eye one for a month or so now! I can't wait to stock it full of "mommy" stuff for my diaper bag and be able to take it with me when I don't need the whole tote.

Vera Bradley Zip ID Case in Ziggy Zags, Vera Bradley // My mom got me this super cute ID keychain and I am loving it! I was looking for a new key fob and this will be just perfect. Plus, as a busy mom of soon-to-be two, I hate dragging in the entire diaper bag for one small trip. This will make it so much easier because I'll have my keys, debit/credit cards and ID all in one small pouch! No more heavy lugging for this mama!

Fuzzy Socks, Target // The hubs knows how much I love a cozy pair of socks and these are just perfect. Super cute and super soft, even after a wash. I'll probably even be packing them in my hospital bag with Mr. Parker because they have grippies on the bottom to help me walk those slick hospital floors.

Canon Rebel T5 DSLR Camera, Amazon // While I've had this bad boy for a few months now (and absolutely love it!), we decided it would be a Christmas gift because it was pretty extravagant and we wanted to do more for Lucy...not to mention we have baby Parker to buy for! I don't mind a bit, it's been an amazing gift!

I also got a few gift cards, some favorite candies, a little road trip reading material, and our annual Chickfila calendar cards (always a favorite)! It was a great Christmas!

4.) Lucy Jane's First Christmas Favorites:

V-Tech Sit to Stand Walker, Target // Nana got Lucy her first walker! She plays with it all day every day and loves the different buttons and animal noises. So far, she is more interested in playing with it instead of walking it around...she made an attempt the other day and fell down and now refuses to try again. I'm sure she'll come around, but I'm glad she's enjoying it so much!

Play Circle Ladida Musical Tea Set, Target // Lucy has been loving this little tea pot! It "boils" when  you lift the lid and "whistles" when  you push it down, plus sings a variety of songs, including Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins! A total win in my book, and at a super great price, too!

Fisher Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space, Target // Whew. That was a mouthful. I hesitated to get this one because of the hefty price tag, but thanks to a wonderful Cartwheel discount I was able to get it for a steal. Lucy loves it! She loves standing up on it and dancing her little heart out, and I love that she can just touch the bar anywhere to make it work! No fancy buttons or gadgets to learn, but it has multiple settings so she can dance, learn ABC's or numbers, etc. It's totally worth the money!

Oball Rattle, Amazon // My siblings have one of these silly ball rattles and she loved it the last time we were visiting. I decided to get her one, and she does like it, but she's been so distracted by the other fancier toys to care! Haha.

Infantino Fun Phone, Walmart (in stores) // Since she's always stealing mama and daddy's phones we thought she could use her own. It's perfect!

Stacking Cups, Amazon // The old standard, stacking cups. We had a set from Target that came with 3 cups but they stack up and not inside of each other. These are much more age appropriate and she's enjoying them.

Winter Hat/Gloves Set, Target // I absolutely adore this pom pom hat and mittens set to go with Lucy's Monsoon puffer coat. It's finally starting to get cold here, but I'm still wishing for snow!

3.) Parker James' Christmas Gifts:

Graphic Socks, Mud Pie // I can't wait to put these adorable socks on my boy's tiny tootsies. They are so cute!

UK Onesie, Kentucky Korner // No little Wildcat wardrobe is complete without a little Kentucky blue! My hubby hates it (I know, such a shame) but my family and I will always bleed blue. Lucy had a pink UK onesie and Parker's got his first bit of gear now, too!

Pampers Swaddlers, Target // My in-law's are total practical gift givers, and I am so ok with it! I love that they thought of my little guy as well.

This little man is already so loved! I'm so happy to have such supportive family and friends.

2.) I've been hiding our gift to my family for months now and I'm so excited to reveal it to ya'll! We built and painted a custom game of cornhole for them (that's bean bag toss, bags, whatever you may call it)! They all love the game (we do too) and it's so pricey to buy a set, especially a monogrammed one. My father-in-law has tons of lumber just lying around so we were able to make this for next to nothing. Preston (and my FIL) cut the boards and built the frame and I painted it. My sweet mother-in-law helped me sew the bags and fill them with corn. The whole set is regulation standard and I'm so happy they love it! It will be tons of fun this summer!

1.) In case you missed it, I posted my full Christmas Recap this week and it has tons of adorable pictures from our holiday. I had such a blast!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope your holidays were full of love and joy and that 2016 holds more of the same! ♥

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