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Lucy Jane is ONE!!!

One year ago today, I woke up in the middle of the night in full blown labor. This girl was not messing around. I had no forewarning; no small contractions leading into bigger/closer together ones, no dramatic water breaking...just hard contractions about 4 minutes apart out of nowhere! It was a whirlwind night, but after only 10 hours of labor (including 20 minutes of pushing) we finally got to meet our sweet, perfect, silly, loving, happy Lucy Jane!

I know everyone says, "it feels like just yesterday", but it really, really does! I remember so many details with so much clarity, it doesn't even seem real. And while I'll always miss snuggling and cradling that teeny tiny girl, I'm not feeling as much sadness as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I'm 3 months shy of having a fresh newborn once again and that's taking some of the sting away? I also love watching Lucy grow. 

She has learned so many things in just this one short year, and is so so smart! She's learned several words (Dada, Mama, Dog, Woof-woof, Hi, etc.), loves to "bark" and say "woof-woof" at the dog (and any other animal), stacks rings like a champ and even started matching the shoes in the entryway! I don't know where her love of shoes could possibly have come from.....

But since today is such a monumental day, I am feeling nostalgic. I'll share some of my favorite photos of her from the past year:

Look at my sweet little newborn!! She was so itty bitty and just slept all the time. I miss those easy snuggles where she wasn't so busy trying to get away all the time. I can only wonder how much Parker will look like this when he arrives? It's hard to picture because I don't think I got a single newborn pic of this girl without a bow! Haha, #girlmom

Some random favorites (trust me, I had way more) from the past year. This kid is always happy! She loves bathtime and shopping and is a total fashionista leaving those sunnies on. I just love looking back at how her little personality blossomed right in front of us.

A year of Lucy Jane. What did I ever do without this sweet pea?!

These are some of the adorable pics we got while staying at my mom's over Christmas. We had a special little birthday party/cake smash with family there and plan to have another this weekend with Daddy's side of the family. She was pretty pleased with the outfit I made her (shout-out to my dad for having the patience to cut out those letters on the transfer paper when the Cricut wouldn't work!)

This girl is no stranger to sweets and dug right into that cake! The played with it more than she ate it, but hey, what are cake smashes for? I love that cheesy little grin at the end.

I can't believe Lucy is ONE! I'm so excited to see her enter the toddler stage and see how she handles life as a big sister ;) 

Happy First Birthday baby girl! I love your sweet smile and silly, happy personality. And I'm blessed beyond belief to call you mine. ♥

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