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Currently | March 2016

It's so odd to me how time passes when you're pregnant. On the one hand, I feel like I've been pregnant literally forever (that may have something to do with having my kids just over a year apart, but you know) and on the other hand, I feel like this pregnancy has just flown by and Due Day is almost here! I feel excited and scared and ready yet completely's overwhelming to say the least and I can only look at the calendar with faith (and a little anxiety) that everything will work in His timing.

But, like I said, time has really flown by and it's already March! That means lots of green, basketball games and birthdays in my family! I'm excited to treat my hubby for his 26th this year!

Here's what's going on for me in March:
Wishing // This month, I'm just wishing for continued health for myself, my family, and of course, little man. We're closing in on that home stretch now and as excited as I am to meet my little guy, he needs to stay in there just a little bit longer!

Craving // This pregnancy has been much the same as my last one--no sickness, mild fatigue, no real swelling and not much discomfort, and no real cravings! I go through craving "phases". I'll be hooked on one treat or meal for a week or so and then that's it. A week or so later something else might sound good and the cycle starts over again. Nothing weird either, just a kind of feeling like "Pizza sounds good for dinner tonight". So far the biggest contenders are Whales, fruity candies, chocolate milk, and french fries.

Going // As you're reading this, I am actually on the road to Lexington, KY! I can't wait to finish up my final baby shopping, catch up on the final season of Downton Abbey (!), and just relax with my family.

This Target shift has been on high repeat! Stay tuned for a full OOTD post!
Wearing // I've been wearing a lot of comfy, stretchy clothing as my waistline gets rounder and rounder! Leggings are a preggos best friend, and I've definitely been rocking my share. When I'm feeling a little fixier I opt for a cute pair of maternity jeans and a looser top or my new favorite coral dress from Target (regular sizing!) that I am in LOVE with! OOTD post of that beauty to come!

Moby Wrap 'Moderns' Baby Carrier
Learning // I recently looked up some videos on how to use a Solly/Moby/Boba wrap and plan to look for one while I'm in Kentucky this week! I would love to hear y'alls thoughts on the fabric carriers! I have a Baby Bjorn for later and an Infantino Mei Tei wrap that I love, but with 2 under 2 I'm really interested in something I can easily take on the go. A fabric wrap sounds like just the thing!

What are you up to for March? Are you looking forward to all of the holiday celebrations and spring weather? I am!

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