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Fave Five Friday | On Vacation

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm currently on a mini vacation in Kentucky right now! I'm doing lots of shopping, relaxing and general galavanting around one of my favorite cities.

Since I'm out and about being busy, I thought I'd just take a chance to do a little photo dump.

Here are some of my favorite recent photos! Warning: They're all of Lucy

Poor baby had her one year shots and got the full treatment! One in each arm and one in each leg, plus a finger prick and plenty of general poking and prodding. We always take a warm bath after immunizations to help relieve the ache. It has worked like a charm since she was a newborn and she has never acted ache-y afterwards!

I love any amount of snuggles I can scrape out of this busy girl!

Beggars. I never eat without an audience.

They're buddies. They love to watch out the window!

More window watching! We had the screen up, so she was loving feeling like she was outside!

Daddy gets plenty of snuggle time, too!

Chocolate grahams and bananas for breakfast make a happy happy girl!

This is her newest trick...she loves to look upside down like this! And spill her milk all over the floor. Such a goof.

Have a great weekend!

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