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Spring Baby & Toddler Haul

Happy Monday! I'm officially 33 weeks pregnant and the nesting is getting real. I've got plans laid out to give my house a complete cleaning overhaul, lots of baby laundry in the hamper ready to be washed and folded into neat, teeny piles, and a hospital bag packing list just waiting for me to dive in.

I have to say, I am so relieved to finally have all the baby items I needed completely checked off my list! At least, 95% of them anyway. I can't believe I waited this long to get it all, but I'm glad I did because I snagged SO many deals!

In my most recent trip to Lexington, I hit up my favorite resale store and a big church consignment sale, so I was able to get almost all of Lucy's spring and summer clothing in one big haul. I love that!

Besides clothing, I also crossed a few regular "items" off of my list as well. Mostly basic stuff, but necessities nonetheless.

Here's a look at the full haul:


Carter's Floral, Children's Place, Cherokee Ikat Ruffle, Carter's Plaid, Cherokee Polka Dot, Gymboree Halter, Lilly for Target


Old Navy Floral Button Down, Koala Kids Solid Coral, Old Navy Pink Chevron, Handmade Multi Chevron, Handmade UK Pillowcase, Carter's Butterfly Ruffle w/ Cardigan


Gap Tank & Polka Dot Skirt, BT Kids Sailboat, Gymboree Goldfish, Oshkosh B'Gosh Seashells, MudPie Seahorse


Old Navy Peplum Swimsuit, Gymboree Boston Terrier Tee, Old Navy Patterned Tank, Old Navy Ruffle Stripe Tank, Cherokee Denim Shorts, Cherokee Neon Top, Genuine Kids Patterned Shorts


Carter's Construction Set, Koala Baby Glasses Romper, Ralph Lauren Romper, Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Romper, Gap Oxford Button Down


Carter's Sailboats, Carter's Anchors & Whales, Carter's Outer Space, Koala Baby Alligators, Child of Mine by Carter's Puppy Stripe


Along with all of these, Parker also got a couple of UK onesies to add to his collection ;) My family can't resist it and I love it anyway. I only have a few more small items to stock up on before his arrival, and then we are good to go!

I love feeling productive, especially with this nesting phase in full swing!

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