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Fave Five Friday | Treat Yo'self

Happy Friday! This weekend is set to be a beautiful one, and I'm planning on soaking up every bit of the warm 80 degree weather we're forecast! I'm thinking of taking Lucy to the zoo in hopes of spending some last minute alone time with her as well as walking this baby on out of me!

Here's a little of what we were up to this week:

Women's Tunic // Toddler Dress // Gladiators (similar) // Jellies
5.) I went to Target for diapers earlier this week and came home with these matching dresses for Lucy and I from the new Marimekko line. #targetdoesitagain. I just love this Kukkatori print and couldn't resist the chance to get matching outfits for me and my girl!

4.) Last weekend, some sweet friends of mine held a little baby sprinkle for me and Mr. Parker. It was so sweet and I'm so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!

3.) I'm actually really loving the outfit I threw together for that sprinkle. I've been dying to wear my Lilly Pulitzer Windsor Strapless Dress that I snagged at the last After Party Sale, but with a growing belly and cool temps, it just never had a chance. It was finally warm enough out to ditch the straps, so I thought, why not try it out as a tunic? It worked like a charm! I really can't wait to wear it as intended this summer.

2.) Have y'all tried the new frosted coffee from Chick-fil-a, yet? It is SO good! It's their yummy coffee blended with their ice dream soft serve....basically a coffee milkshake, that is so dang delicious. I think I may have found a contender to my usual mocha frapps at Starbucks. You have to try it!

1.) Speaking of yummy frozen treats, Lucy had her first Ted Drewes this weekend! If you're ever in the St Louis area, you absolutely have to hit up Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. It's ridiculously good and at a great price, plus it's a total St. Louis staple.

How is your weekend looking? I hope you have a great Friday!


A Sprinkle for Baby Parker!

My sweet friends threw me a little sprinkle last weekend to celebrate baby Parker! I feel so blessed to have been thought of by these lovely ladies and I am so happy to call them my friends and celebrate my little bundle with them!

Such a cute quote!

All the guests filled these out for our little man. They're going right in his baby book--so sweet!

A yogurt bar, fruit kabobs, fruit pizza, two types of quiche and yummy cinnamon rolls made up our delicious brunch!

We even had "mocktail" mimosas! So yummy!

And yes, I wore my Lilly Pulitzer dress as a top! The bump is starting to get in the way, but that doesn't mean I have to give up my Lilly!

I'm so blessed by all these great friends, and so thankful to have been showered with so much love! Thanks girls!

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Fave Five Friday | Baby Bargains

Hey y'all!

 Another Friday, another fave five! This week was a little busier for once, and a little less drab. 

Here's what we were up to:

A photo posted by Mariah (@faithandfashionblog) on

5.) Grocery shopping is not exactly the most exciting outing, but Lucy is the best little shopper. She loves to go and always finds a comfy position in the cart!

4.) Our MOPS group held a play date in the park this week, complete with Popsicles and a picnic lunch. Lucy really enjoyed it, but the only photo I snagged was of her being mesmerized by all the craziness going on.

3.) Last night I snagged several great bargains online. I got these cute, nautical baby blankets for Parker for just $5 after my free shipping code and coupon. Then I took advantage of my Old Navy super cash last minute and scored these adorable "Nana" shirts for both kiddos (Lucy, Parker) and a pair of tiny swim trunks for Parker to wear this summer. It totaled to $25 before the $10 super cash, but by some stroke of luck I was able to double it with the 30% off deal happening online + free shipping, making my total just under $12 for all 3!

2.) Today is my 37 week appointment (only a day away from 38 weeks) so I'm hoping to see some progression in that department ;) I can't wait to meet this little guy, even though sometimes I feel like I can wait a loooong long time. I go back and forth between feeling completely prepped and ready to being in total freakout mode over what's not been cleaned or folded and packed...it's a mess, but I'm learning to enjoy these last days of pregnancy and devote as much attention to Lucy as I can. ICYMI, I shared a peek inside my minimally packed hospital bag, plus a few tips on what to bring and what to take home!

1.) My sweet friend, Joni, started up a blog called Southern Dirt Momma and I would love for you all to pay her a visit! She has the biggest heart and sweetest family; I just love all of the words of wisdom she has to share with fellow ladies and mamas!

Happy Friday!

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What's in My Hospital Bag for Baby #2?

Having my babies so close together has been a big help in remembering things and learning from mistakes without forgetting the lessons ;) One of those mistakes was overpacking for the hospital. I think we all tend to overpack a little (or a lot, if you're like me) but when I delivered Lucy I don't think I even opened my hospital bag more than one time.

The hospital provides so much for you and baby that you can almost get away with bringing nothing! Almost.

So while I'm not packing much, there are a few things that I just don't feel like I can live without while in the delivery room:


Glasses Print Convertible Gown // With Lucy, I was only in the hospital for 24 hours, so she only needed the one outfit aside from what she came home in. I'm assuming the same for this guy, but I may toss another sleeper in there just in case. I like this outfit because it can be buttoned into separate legs or all together into a gown!

Socks + Mittens // Parker's coming home outfit is a footless sleeper/romper thing, so I made sure to pack socks to keep his little tootsies warm. Both outfits have built-in mittens, but I wanted to be sure and bring a pair just in case. I always feel so bad when they scratch themselves with those sharp, bitty nails. What a way to start your way in the world!

Blanket // I love these comfy, lightweight receiving blankets from Carter's! They're a great price and always such cute prints. We ended up using one as a background for Lucy's hospital photos and of course, wrapped her up in it to keep her warm ;)

SwaddleMe // We discovered this swaddling life saver with Lucy and I'm really hoping it works it's wonders on little man, too. Lucy's first night in the hospital was SO rough...she just couldn't adjust. I think if we had had the SwaddleMe with us, she would have done better.

Coming Home Outfit // Again, just a simple Carter's sleeper/romper deal, but I had it monogrammed with his initals: PJK, Parker James Klee. I love the way it turned out and I love that it's simple and comfy but still cute.

Here's a close up of the Coming Home Outfit. I love it!

Travel Loofah // This came with a travel toiletry kit I got a long time ago, and I still have never used it. I thought it was the perfect size for my hospital toiletry pouch.

Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash // I opted to bring these product samples with me instead of small bottles to save space, and also because I just happened to have them sitting around. They fold up nice and flat and can be thrown away after I use them, which is convenient.

Deodorant + Perfume // Because pushing out a human can make you break a sweat, and you can't always shower immediately. Nuff said.

Of course, along with all of this will be my usual, everyday makeup and probably my hair straightener and blowdryer.

With Lucy, I actually stayed in a hospital gown until the day we went home. Granted, I went home 24 hours after I had her, so there's that. But honestly, why bleed all over my own things? I'm just packing a pair of maternity leggings, a loose fitted tee, and a nursing tank. I'm not even bothering with underwear, because I adore those glorious mesh undies and intend to take as many of them home as humanly possible!

The only other "thing" I'm packing, besides electronics (camera/phone charger) is the baby book! I want to get those itty bitty prints right on that page as soon as he's out. My hospital has amazing nurses who are always great to make sure you get all the mementos you could want or need, including playing photographer for me! They're the sweetest and I'm so excited to fill this book with all of Parker's info!

So, remember what I said about the hospital providing a ton? Yeah, take advantage of that! You're already paying them a huge chunk of change, so don't feel bad about leaving with a little extra! Here's a little list of things I like to ask for extras of before heading home:

Mesh Undies // I've heard a lot of people say how gross they are and how unattractive. But let's get real, ladies. You just pushed a human out of your hoo-ha and there's a lot of messy recovery that comes after. Attractiveness is not going to be high on your priority list for quite a while. And that's ok! Don't waste your money on your own panties that--I promise--will get ruined before that postpartum bleeding stops. Ask for as many extra pairs of these Godsends as they'll allow you. They're disposable, fairly soft and ultra stretchy for maximum comfort.

Large Ice Pack Pads // These were ultimately my favorite thing I brought home (besides baby (-; ). I had a small tear on top of the regular soreness that comes with pushing out a baby. These pads were like a lunch box ice pack--Snap it in half, shake it up, and place it in your undies with a layer of Tuck's pads on top. I can't begin to tell you how much relief that brought, and they never got soggy or leaked once the "ice" wore off!

Peri Bottle // They will send you home with one of these lovely, clear water bottles to rinse yourself after using the potty, because, trust me, wiping is the last thing you'll want to do down there. But, ask for a second bottle to bring home and keep one full of warm water in each bathroom at all times. It pays to be prepared!

Samples // Ask for as many samples as your heart desires! I took home extra newborn diapers, small tubes of Aquaphor and Lanolin, and Tuck's medicated pads. I didn't have any hemorrhoids--thank goodness!--but the Tuck's pads are still extremely comforting and cooling.

Hopefully this post was helpful to all you new mamas! I know I scoured the internet when I packed for Lucy ;)

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Fave Five Friday | Same Old Same

Happy Friyay!

It's been another busy week, albeit more productive than the last! I got several blog posts prepped and ready to go for down the road, as well as a few things posted this week!

5.) It's a new month, so it's a new Currently! I shared a few things I'm making/cleaning/posting/etc in Monday's Currently Post. Be sure to check it out!

4.) Also shared this week: A little Wardrobe Wishlist for my little guy! I'm so excited to finally buy all the tiny bowties and button downs for Parker, I just had to share a few favorites.

Is this not the cutest doormat? I'm totally buying it as a little treat for myself once we close on a house!
3.) The hunt continues for our future home. It has been fun but also very discouraging being so pregnant and not having anything picked out yet. I'm just trying to trust in God's perfect timing, even though that is not always easy to do!
2.) I picked up these two cute outfits for the kiddos in the Target clearance yesterday! They will be perfect for my brother's wedding coming up this summer, and I'm glad I waited for the post-Easter savings to buy dress clothes for a steal!

1.) This stinker has been cutting teeth like crazy this week! She's now up to four all the way out, with another close behind. She's been a total champ, though and has barely been fussy about any of it. She's also getting really good at communicating with us which is a major blessing considering Parker's pending arrival. She loves to say bye-bye, please, and more in baby sign language. The "please" is my favorite, because she uses that instead of just screaming and hollering! Yay!

Now I'm off to a weekend of MOPS, house hunting, and hopefully some answered prayers. How about you?

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Currently | April 2016

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Clearly. this month I'm not "current" on anything. I feel so behind and so forgetful!

Hopefully it's just these last crazy hormones making me feel overwhelmed and exhausted and I'll be out of the woods in a few weeks.

Until then, here's what I'm up to Currently for April!

Making // Having just had Easter and my hubby's birthday, I've made a lot of cupcakes lately. This Friday is our MOPS Tea & Testimony meeting, where we listen to some amazing women give their testimony and enjoy lots of delicious desserts and brunch. I'm bringing a yummy punch (I haven't figured out what recipe yet!) and some Oreo Truffles. I'm really looking forward to this meeting, and the treats!

Wishlisting // I recently shared this Wardrobe Wishlist full of all the adorable outfits I'd like to buy for our little man once he makes his arrival! I'm also super ready to toss the maternity clothes and be back in my normal dresses and tops.

Cleaning // I'm 36 weeks pregnant, so I am definitely cleaning house like a crazy person...when I can find the energy to do it! I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to get done before Parker gets here, but I'm lucky if I get the everyday straightening done these days. Someone send me all the motivation!

Posting // Another area I've been slacking in...sorry guys! I've got several posts in the works, though, and I'm hoping to have some stuff prepped and ready to go for when I do go into labor ;)

Tasting // Ha, didn't I mention all of those cupcakes before? There's been plenty of taste-testing going on in this house lately!

What have y'all been up to currently? I hope you're not feeling as frazzled as me!

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Fave Five Friday | Feeling Swamped

It's Friday, again? Wasn't it just Friday?

I have had zero energy this week and I feel like I've basically accomplished nothing. Between feeling super exhausted, having a teething toddler, house hunting and feeling flat out scatterbrained, I kind of just threw blog posts on the back burner. Oops. Sorry!

Here's what little we've been up to:
5.) Can I just say how discouraging house hunting can be? I feel like every time I see a house I might be interested in--poof!--it's under contract. We have several on a list we are going to look at today and this weekend, and I'm hoping one of them just "feels" like home. It's getting down to the wire with Parker on the way and I would LOVE to have a home on standby so we can move while he's still small!

Sorry for the re-share...I just can't get over this ultrasound snap! It makes things feel so much more real!
4.) Speaking of babies and looming due dates, Parker is officially measuring on the "bigger" side. I have no idea what that could mean, and of course it could mean nothing, but they're sending me in for an ultrasound on Tuesday to access things. The OCD planner in me is all for a scheduled induction, but I would love to go into labor naturally again. I guess we'll see!

3.) This whole week was pretty busy with home searches, MOPS meetings, and doctor's appointments, so naturally, all of the shopping I did happened online ;) This adorable romper just came in from Carter's and I think it will be adorable for Fourth of July on my little man! I also ordered this gorgeous yellow swing dress from Red Dress Boutique (to replace the previous yellow one that didn't fit right) and had to add this super cute beaded necklace as well. I can't wait to get some more happy mail!

2.) How did I forget about this past weekend?! Easter! Duh...we had a pretty low-key holiday, just some of Preston's family and a small basket for Lucy. You can see what goodies she got here. I also made these yummy Cadbury bird's nest cupcakes for dessert and they were a hit! Super cute and springy, not to mention delicious!

1.) My grandma is in the area for the weekend visiting friends and family nearby so we stopped to have some ice cream with her and my aunt. Lucy loves her Grandma "JoJo" and I just love how you can see it in this photo!

What are you all up to this weekend? If anyone has any energy to spare, please, send it my way!!!

P.S.: Don't forget today is April 1st! I'm not into playing any pranks or jokes, but I always need a good reminder that other's might be ;)

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