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Currently | April 2016

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Clearly. this month I'm not "current" on anything. I feel so behind and so forgetful!

Hopefully it's just these last crazy hormones making me feel overwhelmed and exhausted and I'll be out of the woods in a few weeks.

Until then, here's what I'm up to Currently for April!

Making // Having just had Easter and my hubby's birthday, I've made a lot of cupcakes lately. This Friday is our MOPS Tea & Testimony meeting, where we listen to some amazing women give their testimony and enjoy lots of delicious desserts and brunch. I'm bringing a yummy punch (I haven't figured out what recipe yet!) and some Oreo Truffles. I'm really looking forward to this meeting, and the treats!

Wishlisting // I recently shared this Wardrobe Wishlist full of all the adorable outfits I'd like to buy for our little man once he makes his arrival! I'm also super ready to toss the maternity clothes and be back in my normal dresses and tops.

Cleaning // I'm 36 weeks pregnant, so I am definitely cleaning house like a crazy person...when I can find the energy to do it! I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to get done before Parker gets here, but I'm lucky if I get the everyday straightening done these days. Someone send me all the motivation!

Posting // Another area I've been slacking in...sorry guys! I've got several posts in the works, though, and I'm hoping to have some stuff prepped and ready to go for when I do go into labor ;)

Tasting // Ha, didn't I mention all of those cupcakes before? There's been plenty of taste-testing going on in this house lately!

What have y'all been up to currently? I hope you're not feeling as frazzled as me!

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