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Fave Five Friday | Feeling Swamped

It's Friday, again? Wasn't it just Friday?

I have had zero energy this week and I feel like I've basically accomplished nothing. Between feeling super exhausted, having a teething toddler, house hunting and feeling flat out scatterbrained, I kind of just threw blog posts on the back burner. Oops. Sorry!

Here's what little we've been up to:
5.) Can I just say how discouraging house hunting can be? I feel like every time I see a house I might be interested in--poof!--it's under contract. We have several on a list we are going to look at today and this weekend, and I'm hoping one of them just "feels" like home. It's getting down to the wire with Parker on the way and I would LOVE to have a home on standby so we can move while he's still small!

Sorry for the re-share...I just can't get over this ultrasound snap! It makes things feel so much more real!
4.) Speaking of babies and looming due dates, Parker is officially measuring on the "bigger" side. I have no idea what that could mean, and of course it could mean nothing, but they're sending me in for an ultrasound on Tuesday to access things. The OCD planner in me is all for a scheduled induction, but I would love to go into labor naturally again. I guess we'll see!

3.) This whole week was pretty busy with home searches, MOPS meetings, and doctor's appointments, so naturally, all of the shopping I did happened online ;) This adorable romper just came in from Carter's and I think it will be adorable for Fourth of July on my little man! I also ordered this gorgeous yellow swing dress from Red Dress Boutique (to replace the previous yellow one that didn't fit right) and had to add this super cute beaded necklace as well. I can't wait to get some more happy mail!

2.) How did I forget about this past weekend?! Easter! Duh...we had a pretty low-key holiday, just some of Preston's family and a small basket for Lucy. You can see what goodies she got here. I also made these yummy Cadbury bird's nest cupcakes for dessert and they were a hit! Super cute and springy, not to mention delicious!

1.) My grandma is in the area for the weekend visiting friends and family nearby so we stopped to have some ice cream with her and my aunt. Lucy loves her Grandma "JoJo" and I just love how you can see it in this photo!

What are you all up to this weekend? If anyone has any energy to spare, please, send it my way!!!

P.S.: Don't forget today is April 1st! I'm not into playing any pranks or jokes, but I always need a good reminder that other's might be ;)

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