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What's in My Hospital Bag for Baby #2?

Having my babies so close together has been a big help in remembering things and learning from mistakes without forgetting the lessons ;) One of those mistakes was overpacking for the hospital. I think we all tend to overpack a little (or a lot, if you're like me) but when I delivered Lucy I don't think I even opened my hospital bag more than one time.

The hospital provides so much for you and baby that you can almost get away with bringing nothing! Almost.

So while I'm not packing much, there are a few things that I just don't feel like I can live without while in the delivery room:


Glasses Print Convertible Gown // With Lucy, I was only in the hospital for 24 hours, so she only needed the one outfit aside from what she came home in. I'm assuming the same for this guy, but I may toss another sleeper in there just in case. I like this outfit because it can be buttoned into separate legs or all together into a gown!

Socks + Mittens // Parker's coming home outfit is a footless sleeper/romper thing, so I made sure to pack socks to keep his little tootsies warm. Both outfits have built-in mittens, but I wanted to be sure and bring a pair just in case. I always feel so bad when they scratch themselves with those sharp, bitty nails. What a way to start your way in the world!

Blanket // I love these comfy, lightweight receiving blankets from Carter's! They're a great price and always such cute prints. We ended up using one as a background for Lucy's hospital photos and of course, wrapped her up in it to keep her warm ;)

SwaddleMe // We discovered this swaddling life saver with Lucy and I'm really hoping it works it's wonders on little man, too. Lucy's first night in the hospital was SO rough...she just couldn't adjust. I think if we had had the SwaddleMe with us, she would have done better.

Coming Home Outfit // Again, just a simple Carter's sleeper/romper deal, but I had it monogrammed with his initals: PJK, Parker James Klee. I love the way it turned out and I love that it's simple and comfy but still cute.

Here's a close up of the Coming Home Outfit. I love it!

Travel Loofah // This came with a travel toiletry kit I got a long time ago, and I still have never used it. I thought it was the perfect size for my hospital toiletry pouch.

Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash // I opted to bring these product samples with me instead of small bottles to save space, and also because I just happened to have them sitting around. They fold up nice and flat and can be thrown away after I use them, which is convenient.

Deodorant + Perfume // Because pushing out a human can make you break a sweat, and you can't always shower immediately. Nuff said.

Of course, along with all of this will be my usual, everyday makeup and probably my hair straightener and blowdryer.

With Lucy, I actually stayed in a hospital gown until the day we went home. Granted, I went home 24 hours after I had her, so there's that. But honestly, why bleed all over my own things? I'm just packing a pair of maternity leggings, a loose fitted tee, and a nursing tank. I'm not even bothering with underwear, because I adore those glorious mesh undies and intend to take as many of them home as humanly possible!

The only other "thing" I'm packing, besides electronics (camera/phone charger) is the baby book! I want to get those itty bitty prints right on that page as soon as he's out. My hospital has amazing nurses who are always great to make sure you get all the mementos you could want or need, including playing photographer for me! They're the sweetest and I'm so excited to fill this book with all of Parker's info!

So, remember what I said about the hospital providing a ton? Yeah, take advantage of that! You're already paying them a huge chunk of change, so don't feel bad about leaving with a little extra! Here's a little list of things I like to ask for extras of before heading home:

Mesh Undies // I've heard a lot of people say how gross they are and how unattractive. But let's get real, ladies. You just pushed a human out of your hoo-ha and there's a lot of messy recovery that comes after. Attractiveness is not going to be high on your priority list for quite a while. And that's ok! Don't waste your money on your own panties that--I promise--will get ruined before that postpartum bleeding stops. Ask for as many extra pairs of these Godsends as they'll allow you. They're disposable, fairly soft and ultra stretchy for maximum comfort.

Large Ice Pack Pads // These were ultimately my favorite thing I brought home (besides baby (-; ). I had a small tear on top of the regular soreness that comes with pushing out a baby. These pads were like a lunch box ice pack--Snap it in half, shake it up, and place it in your undies with a layer of Tuck's pads on top. I can't begin to tell you how much relief that brought, and they never got soggy or leaked once the "ice" wore off!

Peri Bottle // They will send you home with one of these lovely, clear water bottles to rinse yourself after using the potty, because, trust me, wiping is the last thing you'll want to do down there. But, ask for a second bottle to bring home and keep one full of warm water in each bathroom at all times. It pays to be prepared!

Samples // Ask for as many samples as your heart desires! I took home extra newborn diapers, small tubes of Aquaphor and Lanolin, and Tuck's medicated pads. I didn't have any hemorrhoids--thank goodness!--but the Tuck's pads are still extremely comforting and cooling.

Hopefully this post was helpful to all you new mamas! I know I scoured the internet when I packed for Lucy ;)

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