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Currently | May 2016

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Hello, May! I can't believe another month has completely come and gone. April was such an exciting month, and May is just as full of energy and enthusiasm.

Here's a little of what life is looking like Currently:

Lucy was so excited to meet her little brother! I thought this was a fitting picture for "celebrating" ;)
Celebrating // My heart is SO full this month! I am celebrating the recent birth of my second child, so it is sure to be a joyous Mother's Day around here! I'm planning to take my mom out to lunch or dinner, and spend all day snuggling both of my babies. I love them both so much and I'm so very blessed to be their mama. May is also Memorial Day, so I'm sure there will be some family BBQing in the near future.

Reading // Nursing a newborn and chasing after a toddler leaves little time to read or do much of anything for myself. When I'm not attached to a child, I've been catching up on my Better Homes & Gardens magazines! Anyone else get magazines in the mail and just kind of let them pile up without being read?

Pondering // I wasn't quite sure how to answer this one. I've mentioned before that we are house hunting, so I guess if there's one big thing I'm thinking carefully about, it would be a big life decision like that!

Sipping // Wine, finally! As much of a blessing as motherhood is, and as much as I loved carrying my babies so close to my feels SO good not to be pregnant! I finally got to enjoy a glass of yummy Moscato and I'm really looking forward to making some sangria and other adult punches this summer!

Going // At the end of the month, we're hitting the road (for the first time with both babies!) and heading to Lexington! It will be a short trip, but since my younger siblings are all in school and couldn't make the trip to Missouri to meet Parker when he was born, we thought we'd take the opportunity of a 3 day weekend to head their way and let them meet him! We can't wait!

What new and exciting things are going on in your May?

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