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Fave Five Friday | Good News

Hello Friday!

I am so ready for the weekend to be here at last! It has been a looong week of being mostly stuck in the house--because who wants to drag two babies out for an errand on a good day, much less in the rain?

But while the weather has been crummy, the week as a whole was pretty okay. Here are some highlights:

5.) I'm still enjoying my beautiful Mother's Day flowers from Preston :) They make a pretty kitchen table arrangement, but my favorite part is the flood of love I feel for that hubby of mine when I see them. He should bring me flowers more often ;)

4.) Did you see yesterday's Pinteresting post? It was all about my favorite House & Home pins, because, good news!: We are finally under contract on a home! Woo hoo!

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3.) Some days your hair does exactly what you want it to, and it just has to be documented. Definitely a highlight this week.

2.) I finally received my Bloom Voxbox in the mail! There were lots of great beauty products in there this round, so be sure to check out my full unboxing and reviews HERE!

1.) I really only have four this week, so here is a picture of a sweet sleeping baby. He just melts my heart!

I'm off to supervise a building inspection on our soon-to-be home! Assuming the inspection goes well, anyway! Prayers are always appreciated...I really don't want to keep hunting!

Happy Weekend!

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