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Fave Five Friday | Motherhood Woes


It's going to be a scorching weekend here in St Louis...100 degrees on Sunday! I'm not sure if that makes me want to get out of the house or never leave it.

5.) It's been a boring week in the Klee household, gearing up for moving day! I'm so excited to be closing on our first house next week! I'm not looking forward to the packing process, however. My plan is to pack everything a couple days before we move so that I don't have to live out of boxes in the meantime. Maybe that'll keep me out of the crazy hot outdoors until we get our pool ;)

4.) Speaking of those summertime temps, I've been dreaming of a trip to the beach. I lived in Florida briefly several years ago, and while I never want to live there again, I sure miss the ocean and the beautiful scenery.

3.) Did you catch this week's OOTD post? I shared a new favorite from Target -- under $30!

2.)  Also up on the blog this week: My Newborn Must Haves! There are some tried and true favorites from Lucy's newborn days as well as newly discovered gems!

1.) Anybody else feelin' it this week? #2under2 #someonealwaysneedsme

Here's to a productive weekend full of packing boxes and maybe getting some sleep! Happy Friday!

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