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Fave Five Friday | We Moved!

We're finally moved in!

I'm SO happy to be in our new home and enjoying finally having all the main rooms unpacked and (semi)organized.

It's been crazy hot around here (like heat advisory hot) so we've done a lot of hanging out indoors. Today we're going to brave the park for a MOPS playdate!

Here's what my week looked like:

5.) Just a girl and her dog! She loves her "buddy" and loves going outside. I love how much personality she has and how she brightens every day with her silly attitude and happy smiles.

Cutest piggies!

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4.) Both kids napping simultaneously is a rare occasion these days, so when the opportunity presented itself the other day I took advantage of the quiet, alone time to relax with the newest issue of BHG!

3.) Since we missed celebrating Father's Day last weekend, we gave Preston a little surprise this week to thank him for being such a wonderful daddy. It comprised of his favorite chocolate pecan pie with homemade bourbon whipped cream (recipe for both coming to the blog soon!), a new tank from Target and a card scribbled in with love from Lucy :)

2.) Hold on...what? 2 months?! I think it physically hurts me to see him grow, but I love it at the same time. Is that crazy? I love seeing him smile and his personality starting to show, but I also love how bitty he is. It just doesn't seem real.

1.) Did you see this week's $10 at Target post? I got a lot of goodies and stayed under my budget! Woohoo!

What are you up to this weekend? Are you braving the heat?

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