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Fave Five Friday | Target Deals and Happy Mail

I'd like to say TGIF, but I've been sick all week so it doesn't really make a difference what day of the week it is, haha. It started out as a slight headache and a tiny scratch in my throat and now it's a full blown cold :(

Thankfully I don't have any big plans this weekend, so I can hopefully rest up and get on the mend!

Here's what my slow week looked like:

5.) My sweet hubby braved the rain and got me groceries on Tuesday, plus he surprised me with flowers! It definitely brightened my week and made me feel a little better :)

4.) One of my favorite things to read is What's in my bag/diaper bag posts! I shared what I carry on the daily for two kids under 2 on the blog this week and I hope it gives y'all some inspiration!

3.) Have you seen Target's new Cat & Jack line? It is SO cute and totally affordable! The baby and toddler section isn't supposed to come out until August 7, but apparently my local store didn't get the memo because I keep finding baby and toddler pieces leaking out a little at a time. I scored this cute sweatshirt dress from the line for Lucy for only $6.99! I also grabbed a pair of jeggings on clearance for $1.80!

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2.) It's been a happy mail week! This beautiful blush clutch I ordered from Red Dress Boutique is the perfect accessory for this fall. It came with straps so I can easily carry it on my shoulder in a pinch. I also got some other cute accessories in the mail that I can't wait to show you--coming soon to the blog!h

1.) Last thing this week was this sweet reminder I saw on Facebook. I have been feeling lukewarm in my relationship with Christ for the last few weeks and this quote was such a deep reminder for me to MAKE the time for God. I get my hands and heart so full of life with my babies and my husband and the blog that sometimes I just need to step back, breathe, and thank God for all the blessings in my life.

Well that was my week!

What is your weekend looking like? Mine is looking like lots of OJ and Kleenex but hopefully I'll start next week refreshed!

Happy Friday!

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What's In My Diaper Bag? | 2 Kids Under 2

Hey y'all! Today I'm sharing what comes with me on the rare trips I take with my 2 kiddos!

Seriously, I hardly ever go out anymore. It takes longer to gather my things, buckle the kids and get out the door than it does to make the actual trip!

But on those few & far between occasions when I do brave the world with a toddler and a newborn, this is what I bring in my arsenal:

*this post contains affiliate links*

This cute handbag retails around $100 but I scored mine at TJ Maxx for only $40! I thought for sure when I bought it it had to be a true baby bag, but no! Olivia + Joy does make a baby bag, and this isn't it.

The Zip Zoom Tote features a slick, wipeable exterior and open side pockets perfect for stowing bottles and sippy cups. There are 2 smaller zippered pockets in the front and another long skinny pocket above that. The inside "main" compartment has a narrow sort of pocket that's perfect for slipping in a changing pad and plenty of space for all your other goodies!

Mommy Goodies || Lots of lippies, hand sanitizer, and a spare car key (because mommy brain, amirite?)

More Mommy Goodies || More lippies (are we really surprised?), some hair emergency necessities, and a rollerball for fragrance touch ups. I also keep a compact mirror and an eyelash curler for makeup refreshes.

Sunnies for me and my girl + headphones for long car trips

The left hand little pouch keeps the kids' spare clothes and the right keeps some first aid type items. I also carry a travel size lint roller, spare nursing pads and lots of spare pacifiers. 

We don't go anywhere without an extra outfit! I also like to carry a bib and mittens for Parker in case I need them.

In my first aid clutch I carry mini toothbrushes and tic tacs, band aids, cough drops, feminine products (a must) and a few different pills.

This Skip Hop Pronto portable changing pad is a lifesaver. I toss it in the bottom of our stroller all the time and it saves me having to bring the whole bag with me. In it, I carry diapers for both kids, wipes, diaper rash cream and hand sanitizer. It unfolds into a changing pad! I also keep my keys, wallet, check book and a spare blankie tucked away in there. Usually my nursing cover and an extra burp cloth get rolled up in the center compartment as well.

Skip Hop Pronto // Vera Bradley Zip ID Case

For Lucy I keep a wipeable bib, a spoon, face wipes and a snack. You never know when you might need a baby spoon, and these fruit squeeze pouches are the best for when you're on the go and can't stop for lunch on time, or just as a healthy alternative to sides at a restaurant.

And, of course, lots of toys and books. We love to take quieter toys with us for church when Lucy doesn't go to nursery or just in places like the doctor's office where playing quietly is encouraged ;)

What kind of goodies do you take in your diaper bag? Do you have separate bags for each child or lump it all together like I do?


Fave Five Friday | Shopping & Snaps


It's been a long week....to be honest, I'm just feeling run down and worn out by this parenting thing, but I still had some fun highlights.

5.) Who here is shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?? I already filled my online cart, but if I'm totally honest I probably won't buy the majority (if any) of it. I did buy this super cute clutch from Red Dress Boutique the other day, though. I'm super excited to see it in the mail soon!

4.) How cute was our UK themed rehearsal dinner? I love how my sign turned out and the rest of the decorations were adorable. Last weekend was so fun!

3.) I finally got around to sharing my Fourth of July OOTD. It worked great for the holiday but would totally work anytime this summer!

2.) Speaking of shopping--I shared a cute suit roundup to help you shop for the perfect swimwear this summer. There are some super cute ones here!

1.) I hit up Target for my $10 challenge and didn't score too much. Baby boy was passed out, though!

P.S. If you're not following me on snapchat go do it now! I love seeing peeks into veryone's daily lives. Nosy, I know ;)

Happy Friday!

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Swim in Style | Cute Suits for the Summer

Make a splash this summer with one of these super cute suits! I am loving all of the tassels, ruffles and scalloped details on these pretty pieces.

I know some of these are a little pricey, but I think a swim suit is worth the extra cash. It's not going to get worn out after one season, so you're likely to get your money's worth and be able to wear it for many years. It's also something that should fit well and be well made (i.e., no wardrobe malfunctions from faulty manufacturing!), so quality is key.

Do you have any tips for swim suit shopping? What's your go-to style?

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Patriotic Tee Dress

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It's been a hot mess express around here since we celebrated 4th of July! My brother's wedding was a beautiful ceremony and a total blast, but I gotta say I am thankful to be saying goodbye to the whirlwind of events and be able to just stay home and relax.

On Fourth of July, I did manage to sneak in a patriotic OOTD shoot and I really love this look! It was perfect for the holiday but still looks cute throughout the rest of the summer.

I especially love that I snagged this shirt dress for $10 while I was pregnant with Parker and was able to wear it at the end of my pregnancy as well as now, 2 months postpartum! I love getting the most of my money ;)

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Outfit Details
Dress || Old Navy
Necklace || Charming Charlie
Sandals || Forever 21, similar

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Currently | July 2016

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Happy Wednesday and happy July everybody!

I can't believe we've already celebrated Fourth of July. Summer is half way over and I feel like it's barely started!

This month's Currently is all about what I'm toasting, going, smelling, wearing, and wishlisting:

Toasting || This weekend is actually my older brother's wedding! So we are toasting the happy couple and celebrating love!

Going || Nowhere! Haha! We just bought a house, so not only do I not really have the money to travel, I don't really want to! I'm loving spending weekends in our home as a family.

Smelling || My favorite Bath & Body Works product right now is this yummy spray-on antibac. It's perfect for the diaper bag and the crisp apple smell is amazing! I snagged mine at their semi-annual sale, but you can still find it here.

Wearing || I've actually got a blog post in the works for this cute Fourth of July outfit! I know I should have posted it before the holiday, but two kids under two....what more can I say?


Wishlisting || I could make you a wishlist a mile long with all the things I want to renovate and buy for my new house, plus with summer half way over stores are starting to preview their fall lines and I'm itching to break out the knee highs and sweaters....but for now I'll leave you with these gems (no pun intended). I've been wanting a Kendra Scott necklace for about 3 years and I keep going back and forth between these two beauties. I obviously just need to invest in both, because they are super different and each have their own qualities for different occasions and styles.

That'll convince my husband, right?

What are you up to this month? I love to hear from you!

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NARS Rikugien Dupe for Under $10!

If you snagged the Sephora VIB birthday gift last year like I did, you probably also fell in love with the NARS Satin Lip Pencils, particularly the Rikugien shade. It's the absolute perfect "my-lips-but-better" pink, with just a subtle hint of shimmer to give your lips a little glow.

Not only is the color my all-time favorite, every day go-to now, but the formula is like nothing I've ever experienced. It goes on like butter and doesn't bleed outside the lip line at all. And while it doesn't last 24 hours, it does last a LONG time, and the best part? It fades so evenly, you can't even tell it's going anywhere! I never have to touch it up if I don't want to!

The only downsides to this product?

1.) It's a little pricey, at $26. But it's 100% worth it when it's truly a product I can wear every day with anything.

2.) It does feel a little dry. Nothing a swipe of lip balm doesn't cure, though!

3.) It's not matte. Sometimes you just need a matte lip, ya know?

But, allow me to remedy 2 of those downsides with an affordable, almost-identical dupe!

It is an almost exact DUPE for the NARS Rikugien shade, but at a fraction of the cost! My dreams have come true!

The Sonia Kashuk formula is extremely comparable to the NARS Satin Lip Pencil, though the NARS is definitely more kiss-proof. For wearability, shade, and comfort though, I'd give this a 9/10 on the dupe scale. Sonia is also a bit more matte. But the best part? The Sonia Kashuk pencil is only $8! A steal compared to the $26 NARS lippie.

Left - NARS // Right - Sonia Kashuk

I think this is a great dupe for anyone looking to try out a NARS lip pencil, or for Rikugien lovers like me who just really don't want to drop $26 on a lip product.

**This post contains affiliate links**

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